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Home > Buddha's Face Complete Blog Index Jan - May 2010

Buddha's Face Complete Blog Index Jan - May 2010

 The Buddha's Face Complete Blog Index 

January - May 2010

The Buddha’s Face blog where we write about all things Buddha, Buddha art and statues, Buddha gardens and Buddhist garden design as well as trailing our exclusive Buddha’s Face You Tube channel Buddha related videos got well under way. I was learning the craft of how to sue the web and blogs effectively. As the Buddha said a jug fills drop by drop and my glass filleth nicely!

May 2010

Believe Nothing - Analysis of the Buddha's Words

One of the Buddha’s most popular quotes – what does this mean?

How to Bring Back Buddha Images and Statues from Thailand

The Buddha image is sacred in Thailand and understandably they wish Buddha images and Buddha art to be treated with respect. So sometimes having bought a Buddha statue or Buddha images whilst on holiday in Thailand you may get stopped at customs. We explain the process for exporting Thai Buddha statues and images and the steps you need to take to avoid any problems. 

What the Buddha said about Politics and Good Governance

With the UK General Election underway it was a good time to review what the Buddha had to say about politics and good governance. 

The Buddha on Doubt and Uncertainty

Doubt and uncertainty are the bedfellows of fear and inaction – what did the Buddha have to say about this. 

General Election 2010 and the Buddha

The country goes to the polls – what does the Buddha’s message from 2500 years ago have to inform us today. 

Top 10 Quotes from the Buddha and Video

Every body loves Buddha quotes here we profile our own top 10 and an accompanying You Tube Buddha quote video with some beautiful Buddha images and Buddha statues. 

ThaiTemple in Bangkok has living funerals

Symbolic death and rebirth amongst the Thai Buddha statues and coffins in a Thai Buddhist temple in Bangkok, Thailand

More about Wat Buddharam

East London’s own Thai Buddhist temple located in Wanstead. The temple located in a suburban house has a beautiful large Buddha statues as well as other smaller Buddha statues within.

Thai Temple Wat Buddharam in Wanstead, East London

Description of a personal visit to the small Thai Buddhist temple in Wanstead, East London.

April 2010

The New Age and Buddhism

The New Age movement is a dominant spiritual force in the modern day. What lies behind it and is it much more than just joss sticks burning in from of decorative Buddha statues or having a Buddha in your garden. 

Candles in Buddhism

Candles are an important part of many religions and are often lit in front of Buddha statues, Buddha art and Buddha images in Buddhist temples and Buddhist devotes homes. 

January - March 2010

Beautiful Meditative Yoga Music Video - Blank and Jones -Youtube

Yoga and Buddhism have long been intertwined. An exclusive Buddha’s Face You Tube video commemorating the association. 

A Single Flower - HD Music Video -Youtube video 

One of my favourite videos using clips from the Little Buddha movie quotes from the Buddha and a variety of images of war to remind us powerfully of the Buddha’s message of compassion and non-violence.

The Buddha's Enlightenment

The moment when the Buddha found the truth behind all existence. 

The Buddha Comes to Hollywood - Buddhism in the Movies

Buddhism is very popular in Hollywood right now and has an influence on a number of movies either directly of indirectly. Our short article goes into further details. 

The Awakening of the Buddha -Youtube Video

Another Buddha’s Face exclusive You tube video featuring Buddha images and scenes from the Little Buddha movie.

The Message of the Dalai Lama - 720p - Ludovicio Einaudi

The most famous Buddhist who has ever lived – a short You Tube movie reprising some great moments from his Holiness. 

Meditative Zen - Music Fly by Ludivicio Einaudi

Includes Zen Buddha images, Buddhist gardens, Buddha statues and abstract Zen Buddhist art imagery all against a music soundtrack from the ambient master Ludivicio Einaudi.

Top 10 Famous Buddhists - Inspiring Quotes - First Time Ever I saw your Face

Mostly Hollywood stars and ending with guess who – The Buddha Goes to Hollywood – again!

Buddhism 101 Project - The First View

I can’t believe that it was just nearly a year ago when I embarked on my enlightening journey to try to create a Buddhist web resource to document all things Buddhist, Buddha and Buddha statues, Buddha gardens, Buddhist culture and the plain weird and wonderful that accompanies this wonderful philosophy for life. It’s a journey now started I can and do not wish to stop!

The Wisdom of the Buddha HD Video

Was the Buddha the wisest man who ever lived – we at the Buddha’s Face – think so – more Buddha images and quotes from the world of Buddhism and the Buddha. 

Coming soon the relaunch of

Coming soon the relaunch of

6 months and Ekmpowershop in the making – we showcase the Buddha’s Face new website – the finest site on the web to buy authentic, hand carved, 100% Fair-trade Buddha wall art panels, Buddha statues and Buddha art for the home and garden – with Free UK Delivery. 

The Most Beautiful Inspiring Faces of the Buddha

18 Buddha statue faces morph effortlessly into one another forming a seamless single Buddha statue image along with a compelling tranquil soundtrack. Buddha statues at their best!