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Buddha's Face Complete Blog Index 2009

 The Buddha's Face Complete Blog Index - 2009

The Buddha's Face blog began life on 3rd November 2009 as an adjunct to our main website. It quickly became apparent though that I wanted to write about a plethora of material I was finding on the web that related to Buddhism, Buddhist art and culture, Buddhist practice, the Life of inspiration of the Buddha as well as articles on Buddhas in Gardens and Buddhist garden design. So the blog became the most convenient forum to do this. Thanks for stopping by.

The Buddha's Face - retail and wholesale since 2004 - the best site on the web for Buddha wall art panels, Buddha statues and sculptures and Buddha art for the home and garden. Free UK delivery.


The Thai Buddhist temple made from one million beer bottles

Yes really a Thai Buddhist temple made from over one million empty beer bottles – the Buddha statues and Buddha images though are of a more traditional form!

The Buddha's Begging Bowl

The alms bowl all Buddhist monks carry is an essential part of the Buddhist message that monks should be wholly reliant on the community for sustenance and the importance that has continued to this day. It is a popular images in some statues of the Buddha particuarly some Thai Buddha statues. 

Buddha 101 Project - The Buddha's Feet

In the first couple of centuries after the Buddha’s death – he forbade his image to be used in statues or art lest idolatry take hold. So in the place of Buddha statues in the early years he was often represented by the Dhamma wheel of  just the Buddha’s Feet.  

Choosing a Buddha for your Garden

Buddha statues are becoming increasingly popular in garden design as well as Buddhist garden design. A Buddha garden statue can invoke tranquillity and peace and provide a key focal point to any garden. In this article we tell you how you can go about choosing a Buddha image or statue for your garden and some of the considerations you should make when deciding whether to use a Buddha statue in your garden design. 


The calmness of the Buddha was one of his overriding characteristics and the wisdom and compassion can be seen in the image of the Buddha as portrayed in Buddhist art, Buddha statues and other Buddha images. Anger had no place of course in the Buddha’s life and philosophy.                                               

The First Buddha Statues

When were the first Buddha statues made? What did these Buddha statues look like? Why have Buddha statues at all. How many times can I write Buddha statues before Buddha statues becomes a cliché! That’s enough Buddha statues until we write again about Buddha statues. The article of course refers to the first Buddha statues !

Buddha in Gardens

Back to Buddhas in gardens and the use of Buddha art, images and Buddha statues in garden design and Buddhist garden design. It’s so much more than just placing a Buddha statue in your garden. We show you how to make best use of your garden and the best place to put your Buddha statue or Buddha art in your garden.  

All things appear and disappear

Another favourite quote from the Buddha…(with no statues of the Buddha!)

All that we are.....

Quotes from the Buddha provide a dynamic interaction with the thoughts of one of the world’s greatest teachers.

Q. What is the largest Buddha Statue in the world?

Big Buddha statues, Large Buddha statues, mega Buddha statues and then there is the largest Buddha statue in the world. Find out more and why ancient people though it necessary to build such a huge Buddha statue even though the Buddha didn’t want any statues made of him!

Believe Nothing

Even if I said it – another of the Buddha’s favourite quotes.

Posture and dress of the Buddha in Thailand and Laos

One of our most popular articles about the posture and dress of Buddha statues and Buddha images in Thailand and Laos. Helps to understand why Thai Buddha statues and Buddha art looks the way it does. Read this and you will know why the Buddha statue is just the way it is.

Buddha Hand gestures in Thailand and Laos

Mudras or Buddha hand gestures are highly symbolic and the Buddha hands in statues and Buddha images and each gesture has a meaning. We explain what these Buddha statue hand poses mean.  

Drawing the Buddha's Face

Brilliant short video of how to draw the Buddha’s Face. 

101 Project - The First Buddha Images 

One of our early Buddhism 101 project articles – we detail the early iconography of Buddha images and Buddha statues and why they look the way they do.     

Follow the Buddha's Face

The Buddha’s Face is very active on Blogger, You Tube and Twitter - follow us.                      

Buddhism 101 list - the last words of the Buddha

What were the last words of the Buddha before he died.

Symbolism in the imagery used to make Thai Buddha statues and images 

Thai Buddha statues and Thai Buddha images are instantly recognisable for their unique features and depictions of the Buddha. Thai Buddha statues are what we at the Buddha’s Face sell so we thought it would be timely to add an article describing the importance and significance of the features on Thai Buddha statues.                     

Choosing Your Buddha’s Face for Your Home and Garden

At the Buddha’s Face we supply wholesale and retail Buddha wall art panels and Buddha statues for the home and garden. We have been in business since 2004 and made many happy customers during this time. Buy a Buddha wall art panel or Buddha statue from us for your home and garden and you won’t be dissapointed !           

Asian Buddha Wall Art Decor - Our First Blog

The day the blog started and the Buddha’s Face – the finest site on the web for Buddha wall art panels and Buddha statues for the home and garden - found in its Buddhism 101 project a new and dynamic direction.