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Home > Buddha's Face Complete Blog Index August - November 2010

Buddha's Face Complete Blog Index August - November 2010

 The Buddha's Face Complete Blog Index 

August - November 2010

The Blog has really come into its own now as I roam the web for interesting, enlightening and just plain weird stories and articles about the Buddha, Buddhism, temples ,Thailand and all things in-between. In particular we have some great articles about garden Buddhas, Buddhist garden design, Thailand Buddhist culture and a mass of interesting You Tube videos.

We were one year old at the beginning of November and in that time have had nearly 10,000 page views with a month on month increase of 20% in the number of visitors.
Thank you for stopping by at the Buddha’s Face – I hope you enjoy your stay at the finest site on the web for Buddha wall art panels, statues and sculptures for the home and garden.

Just as treasures are discovered the earth, so virtue comes from good deeds, and wisdom is as a result of a pure and peaceful mind. To walk safely through the maze of human life, one needs a beacon of wisdom and the guiding hand  of virtue.


November 2010

Dead Thai Monk mummified in a glass coffin
More weird and wonderful from Thai Buddhism – mummified Buddhist monks in glass case                               
What is Enlightenment?
The Buddha found enlightenment –what is enlightenment – what does enlightenment mean?                                           

HD Animated bird's journey through the world's biggest Buddhist temple

A crazy HD animation where a CGI bird takes you on a cartoon fly-through the biggest Buddhist temple in the world – from the Dhammakaya – weird and wonderful !                                          

A Christian Takes on Buddhism
The Buddha and  Buddhism  are reviewed fro ma fundamentalist Christian point of view and the Buddha’s "Life Story" is aptly summarised.               

The Largest Buddhist Temple in the World – Dhammakaya

Just outside Bangkok, Thailand – the World’s biggest Buddhist temple ever made is being built by the Dhammakaya Foundation.

CGI Buddhist Monks Music Video
Thailand’s Dhammakaya Buddhist foundation produces a catchy music video with CGI monks accepting the saffron Buddhist monk’s robes.                                
A Christian analyzes Buddhism
The same fundamentalist preacher reviews the importance of Buddhism from a Christian conversion perspective.
If you meet the Buddha on the Road Kill Him!
The Zen teacher Linji taught his devotees this radical mantra – Kill the Buddha!               

What is the meaning of the Buddhist chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo

This hypnotic chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo comes from Nichiren Buddhism in Japan – what does it mean?

More Famous Buddhists - Orlando Bloom
More actors more Hollywood more Buddhists more Buddhas - Orlando Bloom     
The Sickest Buddhist - Arj Barker
Not for the faint hearted a light hearted look at Buddhism as cool lifestyle.           
What is happiness - who has the most?
The tiny country of Bhutan in Asia is the world’s happiest – could it have something to do with Buddhism ?
The Life of the Buddha - Thai Animated Cartoon
Thailand’s equivalent of Disney brings the world the Buddha’s equivalent of the Lion King!       
The Buddhabot - The first Buddhist Robot?
Has the worlds’ online Buddhist /Buddha robot been created with artificial spiritual intelligence.
Buddhist Jokes - the Sound of One Hand Clapping
Does the Buddha have a sense of humour? Can Buddhism laugh at itself – some jokes, humour and Zen insight?                        
Hitler, the Nazis, the Swastika and Buddhism
How did Buddhist survive within Hitler’s Nazi Germany – why did they use the Buddhist symbol the swastika?                       
20% off All Our Wooden Buddha Statues
Why not try our 20% discount on Buddha wooden statue statues – for a limited time only.                      
Happiness Never Decreases by Being Shared
This is a quote from the Buddha and leads us on to Buddhism and Candles           
Quotes from the Buddha - Elegy - Lisa Gerrard
One of most popular You Tube Buddha quotes videos accompanied by Lisa Gerrard.                               
One lifetime = 3.7 million minutes- How will you spend yours?
One minute lost to anger is a minute gone – a life is too short to waste.

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance 2 – Review from the back of a motorbike

Robert Pirsig Zen Motorcycle classic is reviewed by a motorcyclist in the saddle   

India - Is Buddhism back in Vogue - Bollywood Buddhists

From the land of the Buddha’s birth comes a revival from some of Bollywood’s finest actors.

The Most Popular Buddha Image on Google
We bring you Google's most popular Buddha image – a painting of the Buddha giving his first sermon in the deer park
Living in the Moment - The Buddha
To live in the moment is to really live            
Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert Pirsig is this a Buddhist allegory – are we to be the path itself
Jonathan Livingston Seagull – A Buddhist allegory?
Richard Bach’s most famous novel and its connections with Buddhism                
The Buddha in Literature 1 - Siddhartha - Herman Hesse
One of Herman Hesse’s most powerful novel Siddharta about the fictionalised life of the young Buddha            
Groundhog Day - A Buddhist Parable?
The popular Hollywood movie Groundhog Day with Bill Murray reconsidered as a Buddhist allegory                 
What is the most watched Buddha video on You Tube?
It is the Buddhist Lotus Sutra along with Nam Myoho Renge Kyo                         
Painting the Buddha - Indian Artist Devyani Parekh
A wonderful Indian Buddhist artist painting the Buddha
Tulku - The Real Little Buddha
What is the true stories behind the Hollywood movie – The Little Buddha – we find out  
How to be Happy - Helping Helps the Helper Too
A Tibetan monk briefly explains the principle behind enlightened compassion.
The Dhamma Brothers Movie - Buddhist Meditation as a prison cure?
A wonderful US documentary detailing the mediation plan pursued in one of the US's most notorious jail and the effect it had ion the prisoners who took part.
Symbolism and Iconography of Buddha Statues, Buddhist Art and Buddha images
A wonderful You Tube video detailing the symbolism behind Buddha statues and sculptures, Buddhist art and images
Buddha Hope Poem - YES we can!
Can we do it yes we can the Buddha brings hope.   
Rebel with a Cause - The Rebel Buddha - Dzogchen Ponlop
Living in the US Tibetan monk Dzogchen Ponlop details his new book the Rebel Buddha where he stands philosophically in opposition to religious structures and tradition and characterizes the Buddha himself as rebel who broke the rules.                                   

Tibetan Sand Mandalas - Nothing is permanent -The art of impermanence

Tibetan Buddhist monks spend days making these intricate sand art images before destroying them .Sand

The Buddha's Face - Shop by Price
We highlight the Buddha’s Face latest menu allowing customers to shop by price.
Buddhism and Football (Soccer) - The World Cup Buddha in Bhutan
The world’s happiest country Buddhist Bhutan went world cup crazy – the trailer for the award winning film directed by a Bhutanese Buddhist monk!     
Pleong Wattasan - Wonderfully Talented Thai Buddhist Artist
Pleong contacted me to ask if we could sell his beautiful Buddhist paintings and art – we can’t at the moment but were delighted to profile him in our blog.     

Toronto Buddhist Centre - 3 Large Buddha Statues have been delivered

The Tibetan Buddhist centre in Toronto has had 3 large Buddha statues delivered to commemorate the visit of the Dalai Lama.                                        

The Garden of a Thousand Buddha Statues - Part 2
The Tibetan Buddhist monk has been inspired to build a 1000 Buddha statue garden out in the desolate wastelands of Montana USA – the Dalai Lama will come to visit once his mission has been accomplished.
Our Best Selling Buddha Wall Art Panel
This is our best selling Buddha wall art panel and the one chosen by ITV’s Julia Kendall for their makeover on 60 minutes makeover.     
Buddhism and Death and Being There
What happens when we die , how does Buddhism reflect the end of our lives – I include the ending of Peter Sellers last movie as Chauncey Gardener made just 9 months before died - Being There.            
October 2010               
The Chinese Three Legged Buddha Statue - Zhang Huan
One of China’s most impressive contemporary artists has made this stunning Buddha statue out of Buddha statues damaged and destroyed during the Cultural Revolution.

Buddhist Garden Videos - The Best from You Tube

We have scoured You Tube to bring you some of the best Buddha and Buddhist garden videos.

Buddhist Peace Gardens Design
What are the principles of Buddhist Peace garden design and how can you design a Buddhist Peace garden.

New You Tube Channel - Beautiful Thailand and the start of making Buddha movies

I’ve found a whole lot of old movies I made some years ago – mostly about Thailand and my wife – I’ve created a new YouTube channel to keep them safe!                 

Buddhas in Gardens - Our New HD You Tube Garden Video
Dozens of beautiful Buddha statues in gardens and Buddha gardens.                                

Buddhist Garden Design Principles

What are the principles of Buddhist garden design and how can I use Buddha images and statues in my garden.

The Buddha Statues of Bamiyan Afghanistan
These beautiful Buddha statues have now been destroyed by the Taliban but this video from the 1970s I think shows these beautiful Buddha statues in all their former glory.

Borobodur - The Largest Ancient Buddhist Temple in the world

The largest ancient Buddhist temple in the world and lay forgotten until newly rediscovered in the 19th century complete with stunning Buddhist art and statues.

Fictional Buddha Movie Trailer in HD
What would the Buddha’s Life movie look like if it was made in Hollywood? This gifted You Tuber has had a stab at what such a movie would look like. Includes clips from the Little Buddha, Arthur and The Last Samurai.                                           
Top 10 Most Famous Buddhists in the World
An introduction to our series the world’s Top 10 Most Famous Buddhists
Top 10 Famous Buddhists No 1 The Dalai Lama
Top 10 Famous Buddhists No 2 Richard Gere
Top 10 Famous Buddhists No 3 Steven Seagal
Top 10 Famous Buddhists No 4 Leonard Cohen
Top 10 Famous Buddhists No 5 Harrison Ford
Top 10 Famous Buddhists No 6 Goldie Hawn
Top 10 Famous Buddhists No 7 George Lucas
Top 10 Famous Buddhists No 8 Oliver Stone
Our Longest Buddha Meditation Video to Date - 100 Buddha statues
Our longest Buddha statue meditation movie to date with 100 Buddha statues
Top 10 Famous Buddhists No 9 Tina Turner
Top 10 Famous Buddhists No 10 Uma Thurman
Parable of the Old Monk and the Women - Careful Words
Buddhist monk parable about the careful use of words saves li ves.
100 Buddhas Part 2 - Exclusive You Tube HD Video
Our longest Buddha statue meditation movie to date with 100 Buddha statues – Part 1
100 Buddhas - Our Latest Exclusive You Tube Video
Our longest Buddha statue meditation movie to date with 100 Buddha statues – Part 2
The Buddha - Growing Up - Music Video - Kate Bush
The Little Buddha movie recut to the music of Kate Bush

The Buddha's Face Videos - Where it first began
Our first Buddha’s Face video from Greenwich market, London
The Buddha Box and Raagin Box Jam Video
Ambient Buddha music plays out with and Indian Raagin box jam.
Tibetan Buddhist Monk Playing the Guitar
This Tibetan Buddhist monk is doing just that – playing his guitar.
September 2010
Better than a thousand hollow words is one word that brings peace
This is what the Buddha said – Buddha quotes                    

Thailand's Buddha Amulet Craze - Jatukam Ramathep

Thailand Buddha amulet craze – crazy culture – crazy prices.                      

Different Types of Buddhism and Buddhist Practice
Buddhism has many types and differences we outline the main Buddhist schools  

Vietnam Lays Claims to the Largest Buddha Statue in Asia

Vietnam Big Buddha Statues - now there’s a surprise!

The Gold Buddha Loudspeaker costing £30,000!

Buy Buddha – why put a Buddha statue made of gold on top of an expensive loudspeaker. Yes – WHY?

Buddhist Culture and Other Religions including Hindu deities
Buddha, Buddhism and Hindu Gods Ganesh or Ganesha                                       
Garden Design, Feng Shui and the Use of Buddhas in Buddhist Garden Design
More Buddhist gardens and Buddha in gardens from the Buddha’s Face 101 Project.                  
Buddhas in Gardens - Revisited
Buddha and Buddhist gardens err – revisited.
Making Giant Buddha Statues in Thailand's Largest Buddha Factory
How do they make the giant Buddha statues that you see in temples in Thailand? We go inside a Buddha factory to enlighten.                               
Thai Buddha and Buddhist Amulets
These Buddha amulets are believed to protect Thai people – we explain the background.
Thai Buddhist Monks Donation Buckets
Does what its says on the saffron bucket - Thai Buddhist Monks Donation Buckets
Death of the Buddha
The last day just before the death of the Buddha – nothing is permanent.
The History and Symbolism of Thai Buddha Images
Buddha and Buddhist images and statues in Thai culture.
Our 100th Post - the Symbolism and Meaning of the Buddha’s Hands
The Buddha’s hands or mudras symbolism explained   
1930s Kobe Buddha Cigarette Card
This huge Japanese Buddha statue was commemorated on a cigarette card from the 1930s – exclusive Buddha statue photos.
Buddhism 101 Project - Loads More Articles
Buddha - Buddhism - 101 Project - Thai - Thailand – loads of articles!       
Complete index to the Buddha's Face Blog
Our Buddha Face blog complete blog index on our blog!                
The Buddha's Face You Tube Channel passes 20,000 views
Great news from You tube for the Buddha’s Face channel – got to love those videos on Buddha statues, Buddhas in gardens, Buddha art and Buddha music.      
The Garden of a Thousand Buddha Statues
Our first visit to the US’s Garden of a Thousand Buddha statues
BBC website on Buddhism and news of a new BBC documentary about the Buddha
Buddhism and the BBC is that enough B’s and Buddhas for now?                                 

Buddha Bar Indonesia Part 2

The controversial  use in the Indonesian  Buddha Bar  of Buddha statues and Buddha images is re-visited.

Indonesia and the Buddha Bar Controversy 

is it appropriate  to use the name of the Buddha and use Buddha statues and Buddha images in a bar - predominantly Muslim Indonesia doesn't think so and has complained. 

The Buddha's Face blog is back

With a rest for August the blog came back and with a newly inspired vigour to write about all things Buddha and Buddhism from around the web 

August 2010

You Tube Have Now Fixed the Buddha's Face Videos

You Tube's  finest channel for Buddha statues,Buddha garden videos and ambient Buddha meditation videos is back after suffering some internet bugs !