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Home > Buddha's Face Complete Blog Index June - July 2010

Buddha's Face Complete Blog Index June - July 2010

 The Buddha's Face Complete Blog Index 

June - July 2010

The blog has gone from strength to strength in these two months with articles including Buddhist culture and iconography, Buddha statues, Laughing Buddha statues , Buddha gardens and Buddhist garden design, candles and incense , the life of the Buddha and masses of videos from our ever popular Buddha’s Face You Tube channel – as I write this in November we have just crashed through the 10,000 page views and 300 views a day. Thanks for stopping by. Chaos is inherent in all compounded things. Strive on with diligence. Buddha 

The Buddha’s Face 

July 2010

New Statues for the Home and Garden from The Buddha’s Face

A new arrival of Buddha wall art panels and Buddha statues and sculptures for the home and garden have arrived.

Why do I do this Blog? Why do anything?

Our lives need purpose not money – thought this one up sitting in my garden contemplating a vista with a restful Buddha statue. 

Buddhism : Understanding seeing through the illusion

Is life a ‘Grande Delusion’ – what does the Buddha and Buddhist have to say about this ?

Our new shipment of Buddha statues, wall art and images has arrived

More Buddha statues and Buddha wall art panels for your home and garden – simply put  Buddha statue and wall art panel magic !

The Amazing Monkey Buddhist Temple of Lopburi, Thailand

Monkeys clamber upon the stone Buddha statues and Buddhist temples in one of Thailand’s most amazing cities. No stone monkey statues these !

The Use of Stone for the making of Buddhas

Throughout the ages different types of stones have been used to make beautiful hand carved Buddha statues and Buddha images. Stone types includes sandstone, marble and other stones suitable for fine carvings.

Time Lapse Painting of the Buddha - Our Latest You Tube Video

Painting the Buddha – contemplating the Buddha (often a Buddha statue) whilst painting the Buddha image and then filming it time lapse makes for an enchanting picture – another exclusive compilation from the Buddha’s Face You tube channel.

How Buddha Statues are Made

At the Buddha’s face we of course love our selection of hand carved Buddha statues and Buddha images. But how are cast metal Buddha statues cast made ? 

Lisa Gerrard and the Buddha's Face

We have used the music of Lisa Gerrard for some of our most inspiring Buddha Face music videos on our Buddha focused You Tube channel.

The White Buddha Statue - My First Buddha

This was my first Buddha statue and a present to my mother who is now sadly departed. A simple and inexpensive pottery white Japanese style Buddha statue. So hence it is my most favourite and precious Buddha statue. 

What is the Buddha Machine?

This is not a talking Buddha statue but a machine for ambient sound named after the Buddha. I repeat this is not a talking Buddha statue , Buddha statue , talking Buddha sculpture it is NOT !

Quotes from Einstein and the Buddha - Coldplay the Scientist

Einstein was a great fan of the Buddha’s thoughts and philosophies – here we examine in another exclusive Buddha’s Face You Tube channel video the similarities between Einstein and the Buddha.

Maybe the best Buddha quote of all time?

Do you like Buddha quotes ? We love the Buddha’s quotes and this is our absolute favorite quote.

Albert Einstein's Response to Buddhism

Einstein and the Buddha – my first article on these two great men that inspired the video Einstein and the Buddha.

Drawing the Buddha - Ink Motion Time Lapse Video

Another Buddha’s Face You Tube channel exclusive – drawing the Buddha image in ink. 

The Life of the Buddha - BBC Documentary

The Buddha is more than just an image of a Buddha icon or Buddha statue - he was a man. The Buddha’s life will be the subject of a major new BBC documentary in the autumn.

Painting the Buddha

At the Buddha's Face we love all artistic representations of the Buddha image whether they are carved Buddha statues or Buddha paintings. 

The Wisdom of the Buddha Video - The Great Dictator Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin was on the 20th centuries most famous humanitarians and comics and his legendary conclusion to the Great Dictator makes a fitting end to one of my most satisfying Buddha’s Face You Tube channel exclusive productions .

Wisdom of the Buddha - Beautiful Worlds

Another Buddha’s Face videos using quotes from the Buddha and a ravishing multimedia backdrop including Buddha images,art and statues.  

The Buddha's Face You Tube Channel passes 10,000 views 

Our You Tube channel goes from strength to strength – not just Buddha art, statues and wall art panels for your home and garden but much much more!

Blank and Jones - and the Buddha's Face You Tube Channel

Our collected Blank and Jones’s videos of Buddha inspired art for your hopeful inspiration.

The Buddha's Face presents Ambient Buddha 2

Ambient Buddha – quiet reflective contemplation of the Buddha image and Buddhist art - all set to an ambient music soundtrack. 

The Life of the Buddha - ambient video from the Buddha’s Face

Another ambient video work alongside some beautiful images of Buddha art, statues and sculptures from around the world.

The Ambient Buddha -New HD Video from the Buddha's Face

The Buddha and a backdrop of moving beautiful Buddha images, art, statues and sculptures from all corners of the earth. All in stunning 720p HD ! 

Ambient Yoga - New Video from the Buddha's Face

Yoga and Buddhism have long been associated and it was the Buddha pose under the Bodhi tree where he found enlightenment tha tis characteristically yogic.

The Buddha's Face You Tube Channel

Our channel has recently been launched and we will be uploading a number of beautifully produced videos of the Buddha images, beautiful Buddha statues, Buddha sculptures and Buddhist art all accompanied by appropriate music.

New Buddha Statue Video on You Tube

We of course at the Buddha's Face love statues of the Buddha and in this You Tube exclusive video we feature some of the world’s most inspiring Buddha statues and sculptures. 

June 2010

Incense and Buddhism - New Video from the Buddha's Face

Joss sticks are often burnt in Buddhist temples in from of Buddha statues and Buddha images as a devotional offering. We explain the Buddhist significance.

Candles in Buddhism - Buddha's Face -Youtube video

Candles are also lit in from of Buddha statues and Buddha images – we have created an exclusive video to celebrate this – called appropriately enough Candles in Buddhism. 

Top Ten Buddhist World Gardens - You Tube Video

The first in our series of Buddhas in Gardens and Buddhist gardens video. We provide a just for fun top 20 countdown to what we regard as the best Buddhist gardens and Buddha gardens in the world. Is your favourite garden included?

The Laughing Buddha You Tube Video from the Buddha’s Face Cat Stevens

Laughing Buddha statues are extremely popular we explain the history and symbolism of the Laughing Buddha statue and laughing Buddha image. 

Top 10 Buddhist Gardens in the World

A short Buddhism 101 article where we seek to identify the Top 10 Buddhist gardens in the world. Not just about placing a Buddha statue in a beautiful garden and calling it a Buddhist garden! We love Buddha gardens at the Buddha's Face !

The Fat Buddha Restaurant Controversy!

Fat or Laughing Buddha statues are very popular – but when this Chinese Buddhist in Durham called his restaurant the Fat Buddha the council tried to get him to change his mind. 

Stone Buddha Statues

Stone Buddha statues are popular Buddhist symbols and icons throughout the world. We explain the importance and significance of stone Buddha statues. 

Our Buddhism 101 Project Re-visited

Probably the web’s largest collection of Buddha information, Buddha statues, Buddha art, Buddhist symbolism and Buddha iconography and Buddhist culture anywhere on the web.

The Use of Buddhas in Gardens and Garden Design

Another article in our Buddhas in Gardens and Buddhist garden design. A beautiful Buddha garden is a reflective contemplative garden space – we explain the main garden design principles behind some of the most succesful Buddhist garden designs. 

Fragrance and Incense in Buddhism

Joss sticks and incense are often burnt by Buddhist devotes in from of Buddha statues and Buddha images in reverence at the teachings and message of the Buddha we explain why and the history behind it and the significance in Buddhist culture ?

Buy this Buddha Wall Art and help the UK Thai Children’s Fund

This beautiful Buddha wall art panel was won during our recent charity raffle and the winners very kindly donated back to be bough and the proceeds to be given back to the UKTCF.

Yoga and the Buddha's Face Buddha

What is the significance of yoga in Buddhism and what did the Buddha know about Yoga. 

UK Thai Children's Fund MTV Fund Raising Charity Show

The Buddha’s Face was proud to support this excellent venture with a sale and raffle of some of our finest Buddha wall art panels, Buddha statues and Buddhist art at this wonderful charity gala. 

The Laughing Buddha

The Laughing Buddha statue or Laughing Buddha images is a popular global icon –what is the history and culture behind this unique laughing Buddha image?

My personal Top 10 Favourite Buddhist movie clips

The Buddha goes to Hollywood – some of my favourite Buddhist inspired movie clips courtesy of You Tube. 

The UK Thailand Children's Fund and the Buddha's Face

The Buddha’s face are proud to support this wonderful Thai children's charity.