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Buddhist Gardens in which you can Wish for Good Things

 Buddhist Gardens in Which You can Wish for Good Things

Stone Buddha statue sits meditatively in the garden 

The Buddha said what we think we become and wishing is a way to give vision to our hopes and aspirations and from such thoughts then find the path to achieve our goals. The garden is where you can dream and contemplate the nature of beauty and still your mind. The garden then becomes a focus for meditative contemplation which is of course the Buddhist way. Your first wish on this path should be to wish to make a Buddha garden! As the Buddha said there are two things you need to do (when making a garden!) one begin the journey and secondly having started go all the way. He wasn’t of course referring to a garden as such but our whole lives and this is a quote I often remember and would be an excellent guiding principle. So start your garden - if there is no gardener then there is no garden.

“Plants in our gardens give us oxygen for the lungs and for the soul.” Linda Solegato

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