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Home > Complete Buddha’s Face Blog Index – January 2011

Complete Buddha’s Face Blog Index – January 2011

Complete Buddha’s Face Blog Index
January 2011


New Year arrives with New Year resolutions – my own personal resolution is to continue my active engagement with the blog and try to ensure we have the weirdest, craziest, most inspiring and amazing stories about the Buddha and Buddhism for our growing audience. Thanks for stopping by and getting engaged with the wackiest Buddhist blog on the web.Now as is obligatory when writing copy for the blog index I start a stream of fat or laughing large Buddha statues in home or gardens text but not today - go away no more talk of large stone not hand carved Buddha garden statues please.


“Remembering you are going to die is the best way I know

to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose.

You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart.”

Steve Jobs

The Best Lego Buddha Statues

Lego Buddhas are a favourite with readers of the Buddha’s Face blog and here are some photos of the very best Lego Buddha statues (some it must be said in Lego gardens!).

Buddha Buddhist statues statues Lego Bricks
The Final Days and Death of the Buddha - Cartoon

We like children’s cartoons at the Buddha’s Face and this particular one deals with the sad death of the Buddha at the end of his life’s work.

Buddha Buddhist death end final days cartoon animation
Yet More Buddhist Home Decor Tips

Want a stone Buddha garden statue for your home (or garden) then this article will help to tell you how to make the best of a Buddha statue for your home and garden.

Buddha Buddhist statues statues home decoration decor tips lounge


Buddhist Art Home decor tips for Beginners

Just starting to consider having a stone laughing or fat Buddha statue or maybe a more contemplative Buddha statue for your home and garden then read this article first.

Buddha Buddhist art home decor tips Bali Asian house lounge
Statues of the Buddha which looks like Adolf Hitler

Yes remarkably this Buddha looks a bit like Hitler but is however ea serene and contemplative Buddha statue nevertheless.

Buddha Buddhist statues statues Hitler scary swastika
Buddha Statues and Images in Gardens - Revisited

Gardens are a perennial favourite of the Buddha’s Face. That’s because a garden is an ideal place to place your stone or hand carved wooden Buddha statue for maximum effect. A garden can be the place you go to take refuge from the world and so it is important you choose the right Buddha statue to enhance your garden to the best effect. So if you are considering a stone or wooden hand carved Buddha statue (meditating, laughing or fat) then read this article on Buddhas in gardens first. In fact I often write about gardens when the topic doesn't even include gardens. That's why when I actually do write about gardens it is a pleasure to actually mention gardens in a naturalistic way.

Buddha Buddhist garden gardens statues statues natural plants harmony nature   

Snow and Ice Buddha Statues and Snowmen

Yes you van make Buddha statues out of anything – even snow and ice and some of these Buddhas statues made out of snow and ice are even in gardens! (but not just gardens).

Buddha Buddhist snow ice sculptures statues statues China video


Offering Fruit to the Buddha in Singapore and China

Offerings are an important part of Buddhist practice – we have a beautiful photo of fruit offerings to a large temple Buddha statue.

Buddha Buddhist statues statues temple offerings fruit devotees Asia Singapore

Amazing Buddha Shaped Pears - Holy Fruit from China

This farmer has a cool idea of making a mould to shape pears into a Buddha statue shape. Maybe you could do the same to any fruit trees you have in your garden (Thai is if you have a garden)>

Buddha Buddhist fruit pear shaped fruit China
Harry Potter and Buddhism - the Order of the Phoenix
Yes the movie has Buddhist allegories deep within its dense inner meanings. Just got to love the gardens at Hogawart - don't remember seeing a large stone hand carved Buddha statue in those gardens though.

Buddha Buddhism movies Hollywood Harry Potter Phoenix Groundhog Day Being There

Amazing Buddha heads made entirely from matchsticks

We love marvellous Buddha heads made out of unusual materials – this Buddha head is completely fabricated out of matchsticks (indoor use only not for use in the garden!)

Buddha Buddhist statues statues head matchsticks red yellow green Hogwarts castle harry potter

Ageing Stone Buddha Statues for the Garden

Love an aged stone Buddha statue for your garden – in the photo accompanying this article it is of a laughing (fat) Buddha statue looking an integral part of the garden .the stone Buddha statue covered in moss blends effortlessly into the garden landscape. Have a read of this if you already have a stone Buddha statue in your garden or are considering buying a stone Buddha statue for your garden. Yet again a legitimate use of repeated occurences of garden and gardens. Why do I keep mentioning gardens and fat or laughing hand carved stone effect Buddha statues ?

Buddha Buddhism garden gardens statues statues
Amazing Buddha Images - The Tablet Buddha
Another crazy Buddha head – this time made out of tablets.If you put this in your garden it would dissolve into just more garden slime.

Buddha Buddhism art artist table head statues statues paintings pills tablet medicine

Ancient Buddha Statues unearthed in Afghanistan
They used to have huge Buddha statues in ancient Afghanistan and lovely Buddha gardens or at least sort of parks that you could call gardens at a pinch.

Buddha Buddhism statues statues ancient archaeology Afghanistan relics

Buddha Air - Come Fly with Me

Yes there really is an airline called Buddha Air – come and have a look at what the Buddha has put his name to.

Buddha Buddhism air airline Nepal domestic aeroplane plane
The Buddha's Hand - Strange Looking Citrus Fruit !

These won’t grow in a temperate garden – you’ll need to go to SE Asia if you want to grow these in your garden. Better to buy a stone Buddha statue for your garden – it will last a lot longer and have a more calming effect.

Buddha Buddhist hand fruit citrus Malaysia fragrant
The Buddha in Thailand by Bhupen Khakhar
Beautiful Buddha art by a talented Thai artist.
Buddha Buddhist art artist Bhupen Khakhar
Buddha App for the Iphone

Iphone has just about everything now – including a Buddha app.

Buddha Buddhist Iphone app Pocket quotes motivational inspirational

Buddhist Jokes and Humour - New Video from the Buddha’s Face  

Fox took offence to using a brief clip from the Simpsons so you’ll just to have read the text I’m afraid.

Buddha Buddhist jokes humour cartoons funny
Buddha's Face Picasa Slideshow

Buddha statue and other Buddhism related images move by on in a dynamic Buddha Face photo slideshow.

Buddha Buddhism Picasa statues statues photos slideshow
Buddhism and the Simpsons - Lisa does Dhamma
That episode of the Simpsons where Lisa becomes a Buddhist.
Buddha Buddhist Lisa Simpsons cartoon
Buddhism Cartoon - Enlightenment Rocks !

Laughing all the way to the Laughing Buddha statue – no laughing at the back please.

Buddha Buddhism cartoon joke funny humour
More Amazing 3D Buddha Stereograms

Yes you love this 3D Buddha images – here is another Buddha for your collection.

Buddha Buddhist 3D stereogram 3 dimensional
Happy New Year - The Fifth Buddhist Precept and hangovers

Hopefully you won’t have drunk too much and can go out into your garden and observe you stone laughing or fat or even hand-carved wooden statue in your garden and consider making this year different.

Buddha Buddhism alcohol hangover 5 precepts New Year

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