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Home > Complete Buddha’s Face Blog Index – June 2011 Part 1

Complete Buddha’s Face Blog Index – June 2011 Part 1

Complete Buddha’s Face Blog Index

June 2011 Part 1

“One has to live in the present.

Whatever is past is gone beyond recall;

whatever is future remains beyond one’s reach,

until it becomes present.

Remembering the past and giving thought to the future are important,

but only to the extent that they help one deal with the present.”

S.N. Goenka

 Boy monk and the hand of the Buddha - Sukhothai Buddha

A beautiful photo of one of the largeBuddha statues in the gardens of Thailand’s Sukhothai UNESCO World Heritage Park.

Buddhist statues statues boy monk Sukhothai gold saffron photo

Back to Basics - Lego Buddha under the Bodhi Tree

A great Lego Buddha statue piece of the Buddha seeking enlightenment under the Bodhi tree. And where do you find trees – in gardens that’s where and what else can you find in gardens – that’s right beautiful stone or wooden hand-carved fat or laughing garden Buddha statues in the garden of course. Please let me get to the end of this list

Buddha Buddhist Lego Bodhi Tree Enlightenment
The World Doesn't Need More Buddhists?

So says the Dalai Lam – nor does it need any more beautiful stone or wooden hand – carved or otherwise garden Buddha statues for your home and garden does it. Though you may just want one!

Robert Thurman Buddha Buddhist Uma
Buddhism and Reality - Dependent Origination

A serious piece on depenendent origination. Absolutely no mention of gardens here.

Buddha Buddhism reality Dzogchen karma
The Buddha is Awake - Are You ?
Buddha Buddhist awake enlightened quote
Buddhist monk who plays computer games for relaxation

He shouldn’t be doing this really – but if he wasn’t he wouldn’t be in the Buddha’s Face blog would he. Get away from the computer and get out and enjoy your beautiful stone or wooden hand-carved garden Buddha statue in your garden before it rains.

Buddha Buddhist monk computer game video play
The Very Best Quotes of the Buddha

Everyone loves inspiring quotes – and here are some of the best from the Buddha.

Buddha Buddhist quotes evil pure best very
Buddhist Top Trumps - Memories from Childhood

Kids love em and they’ve bee naround for ages so even old timers like me have fond memories – but a Buddhist pack – never ! Now where’s the garden set.

Buddha Buddhist games playing cards Top Trumps children
The Green Buddha - Environmentalism and Buddhism

Would the Buddha have been eco – well is the Pope a catholic – his simple and inspiring life is one of harmony with the world and natural environment. Hence the serenity of a Buddha garden with beautiful stone Buddha statues.

Buddha Buddhist green eco nature environment environmental
Buddhism, War and Non-Violence

The same goes for war and violence which is the entry point for me into this remarkable religion. There has been too much fighting death and destruction at the hand of man for far too long. The Buddha came to break the cycle and set us free.  

Buddha Buddhist war violence anger Dalai Lama Vietnam
The Occultist Aleister Crowley and Buddhism

When good men go bad they become the Beast 666 – Do What Thou Wilt – that shall be the whole of the law. Keep him away from your beautiful stone Buddha garden statue if you want to keep it pure.

Buddha Buddhist occult occultist poem poetry Alastair Crowley

The Buddha Tarot - Divining the Future

What will happen in the future – well we will all be dead but in the near term you could use the Buddha Tarot to find out. (Clue I fancy a beautiful stone Buddha garden statue for my garden where can I get one of those I wonder?) .The Buddha’s Face my friend for all your Buddha wall rat. Buddha plaques and Buddha statues for your home and garden – that’s where!

Buddha Buddhist cards tarot fortune telling clairvoyant
The Buddha Wheel – A Game for Buddhists

Put away the Monopoly Board and get out the Buddha wheel and roll the dice towards enlightenment.

Buddha Buddhist board game fun Emily Rogers Sarasvati monopoly

The Female Buddha - Women in Buddhism

For too long women have been second class citizens in traditional Buddhist societies – but as Bob Dylan said the times they  are a changing!

Buddha Buddhism woman girl female sexist
Buddhism and Scientology - L. Ron Hubbard and Dianetics

Tom Cruise will never be a Buddhist whilst he stays with the Scientologists – nothing stopping him having a stunning Buddha garden feature in what will be an amazing Hollywood garden no doubt!

Buddha Buddhism Scientology Tom Cruise Hollywood Dianetics

Thai Culture Minister wants Buddha tattoos banned

For foreigners that disrespect the Buddha image – no problem with that!

Buddha Buddhism Thai Thailand tattoo tattoos banned forbidden decoration fashion

Islam and Buddhism - An Irrational Faith ?
The Buddha’s Face blog only article on Islam – funny that!
Buddha Buddhism Islam Muslim idolatry Jesus religion
Jesus and the Buddha - Complete List of Blog Entries

Some many article on the Blog about Jesus and the Buddha Me though it would be timely to have a complete blog index – here it is.

Jesus Buddha Buddhist quote catalogue list Christ
Jesus was a Buddhist Monk - Full BBC Documentary

Full BBC documentary about this fascinating topic – well with a watch.

Buddha Buddhist Christ Christianity crucifixion Kashmir heresy BBC4
Who is Jesus - The Buddhist Perspective?

Jesus was a Buddha or an enlightened one – find out what this means.

Bodhisattva Jesus Buddha Buddhist Zen lecture
The Peaceful Christian looks at Buddhism

Yes good to see an ecumenical Christian holding out the hand of friendship to those of other faiths. Welcome brother now come for a walk with me in this beautiful garden past these lovely stone laughing fat Buddha statues.

Buddha Buddhism Christianity Jesus Christ Robert Powell

Silent Movie about the Buddha - Light of Asia (1927)

Probably the first Buddha movie ever – and this short clip reveals it to be an epic.

Buddha Buddhism silent movie black and white    12/06/2011

Dinner with Andre - Network and Bill Hicks – Watch this if you want to be human

Ibilly99’s best loved video about a remarkable film which is a 2 hour talking head between the rooted and the spiritual. My favourite movie of all time.

Buddha Buddhism Findhorn Dinner with Andre Bill Hicks Network Peter Finch

The Story of the Buddha - Children's Cartoon

We love kid’s cartoons about the Buddha at the Buddha’s Face and here’s a simple India one telling the timeless tale.

Buddha Buddhist story childrens animation cartoon India Indian

Maz Jobrani - Buddhist Bomber - Stand Up Comedy

Why aren’t there any Buddhist bombers – well a cursory look at the Buddha’s message reveals why .You’ll be laughing out loud at this comic’s turn?

Buddha Buddhist joke stand up humour Maz Jobrani

Buddha and Jesus - Sermon on the Mount

The greatest speech in the Bible is undoubtedly the Sermon on the Mount – we reveal the similarities with the teachinsg of the Buddha.

Buddha Buddhism Jesus Christ Christianity Sermon on the Mount Peace
Buddhist Rap Hip Hop Artist - A Cultivator Revisited

Get down and not so dirty with the a cultivator who will spin you some choice licks about the Buddhist ting – man!

Buddha Buddhist Rap Hip Hop A Cultivator music
The Buddha HD Documentary PBS

A HD trailer for a major international series on the Life of the Buddha

Buddha Buddhist trailer PBS documentary US

UFO like temple Wat Dhammakaya (World's Largest) from the air

Another trip to Thailand’s most controversial Buddhist sect Dhammakaya –see the world’s largest Buddhist temple from the air.

Buddha Buddhist UFO temple Bangkok Wat Dhammakaya

WARNING - GRAPHIC CONTENT: Self Immolation - the Vietnamese Buddhist who set himself on fire

Buddha Buddhism Vietnam monk burning suicide self-immolation

Incredible Video - Flying Monks of Bangkok !

Yes they are Thai Buddhist monks and they are really flying en-masse.

Buddha Buddhism UFO Bangkok video flying airport
The Floating Buddhist Nun of Kanchanaburi – Thailand

Thailand monks and nuns are perennial favourites for the blog – tourist flock to see the remarkable floating nun of Kanchanaburi – come and see for you.

Buddha Buddhism Thai Thailand water floating nun amazing

Buddhism and cats - Cute Kitten and its mother in a Buddhist temple in Thailand

Everyone loves cats and so do Buddhist monks – HD footage taken by the author of the blog. Cute till it hurts – now I haven’t said beautiful stone Buddha garden statues for a while have I – I have now (gardens are great btw).

Buddha Buddhism Thai Thailand temple cat cats kitten folklore Birman


Incredibly Cute Kitten with its mum and a Thai Buddhist temple

Second helping of the cute kitten in the Thai Buddhist temple and a second chance to say large stone garden Buddha statues some are fat and laughing and some are not fat nor laughing!

Buddha Buddhist Thai Thailand cat kitten cute alms statues statues

The Secret Thai Buddhist Temple deep in the Jungle Part 3

Exclusive to You Tube and the blog – a secret natural temple far from the madding crowd.

Buddha Buddhism Thai Thailand Temple Songhkla Water Fall Quotes Abbott old compassion secret mystical   


The Secret Thai Buddhist Temple deep in the Jungle Part 2

See above – oh how I love nature and gardens and the jungle is god’s garden.

Buddha Buddhism Thai Thailand Temple Songhkla Water Fall Quotes


The Secret Thai Buddhist Temple deep in the Jungle Part 1  

See above again – a classic Buddha’s Face blog three parter.

Buddha Buddhism Thai Thailand Temple Songhkla Water Fall Quotes

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Good to be back - Amazing Thailand

It was a long break away from the blog – but I’m fires up and raring to go and to mention Buddha statues in gardens far too many times.

Buddha Buddhism wall art Thai Thailand Enigma
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