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Home > Complete Buddha’s Face Blog Index – June 2011 Part 2

Complete Buddha’s Face Blog Index – June 2011 Part 2

Complete Buddha’s Face Blog Index
June 2011 Part 2

Your work is to discover your work and then,

with all your heart, to give yourself to it.”



The Wizard of Oz as a Buddhist Parable

We’re off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz. You can see a beautiful Buddha statue in the same way it’s not the Buddha statue that gives you power but the realisation of his words – the answer is in your hands. Now go out into the garden and look at your beautiful stone garden Buddha statue and repeat after me – Om!

Buddha Buddhist Wizard of Oz parable trailer
Buddha and the Robot - Time Lapse Amateur Cartoon Buddha

A lovely little amateur cartoon where a small beautiful Buddha statue interacts with a toy robot with a heartfelt message.  

Buddhism robot children's animation cartoon time lapse
3D Video Animation - Robot Buddhist Monk

We like robot Buddha’s at the Buddha’s face – and in this one we have a robot Buddhist monk.

Buddha Buddhist CGI monk animatronics cartoon video
Zen Noir - Film Noir meets Buddhism

Not a great fan of stylised Zen noir but as we follow Buddhism in the movies at the Buddha’s Face here’s a movie that does just that. I do however love the beautiful Japanese Zen gardens with there wonderful stone Buddha garden statues!

Buddha Buddhism movie Hollywood film noir murder scenes

And one more 3D Buddha Stereogram Optical Illusion

Our perennial favourites keep up with the zeitgeist for all things 3D – 3D Buddhas if you’ve not seen one already then try it NOW! However beautiful stone Buddha garden statues are 3D by default and get you away from your pc into your garden. So get out into your garden now and see a 3D beautiful stone garden Buddha statue for real! (That’s enough gardens for now ed. no it isn’t gardens!)

Buddha Buddhist 3D Optical Illusion Stereoscopic Stereogram
Best Ever 3D Buddha Image Stereogram me - Optical Illusion

Yawn they get the greatest hits so we supply them – why can’t you do the same for our beautiful stone garden Buddha statues that sit meditatively in beautiful gardens. I’m not laughing by the way.

Buddha Buddhist statues 3D Optical Illusion Stereogramme
The Lost Horizon Movie (1973) - Buddhist Shangri-La

A remake of a classic 1930s movie where survivors from a crashed plane discover a lost world where the people live in harmony with each other and their world – a Buddhist nirvana on earth.

Buddha Buddhist movie Peter Finch Hollywood Lost Horizon 1973


Dharma River Journey of a Thousand Buddhas

A ravishing documentary of a journey through the Buddhist countries of SE Asia Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Burma I search of beautiful Buddha statues and Buddhist temples.

Buddha Buddhism Thailand Laos Burma movie trailer film documentary

The Buddha on PBS - Dedicated You Tube Channel
A major TV series on the Life of the Buddha.
Buddha Buddhism birth PBS documentary you tube

The Buddha's Face - 300th Blog Post - Our Top 10 Most popular blog posts  

Another milestone post from the Buddha’s face blog linked to the site where it is the best on the web for hand carved wooden Buddha statues , Buddha wall art and Buddhist sculptures for your home and garden.

Why do our customers choose The Buddha's Face. We have appeared on major TV home-style programmes, and have been     supplying retail and wholesale customers for over seven years since 2004. We are confident that we offer the web's largest choice of wooden Buddha panels, wooden Buddha plaques and wooden carved Buddha statues. These heritage Buddha art pieces are all beautifully hand-carved by our own Buddhist artists in Northern Thailand. Our Buddha statue, Buddha wall art panels ands   Quality workmanship and 100% Fair-trade Buddha art .All our beautiful Buddha pieces come in a variety of sizes from a small 20cm to a very large 2 metres and are in a variety of colours. Our excellent customer service is highly praised and we can offer bespoke advice whatever your Buddha art needs. So buy confidently - with our 10 day money back guarantee and take advantage of our free UK delivery – with affordable rates to Europe/USA. Finally next working day dispatch on a 48hr delivery courier.


Fair-trade Thai Buddhas, Buddha Statues, Laughing Happy Buddhas, Stone Garden Buddhas, Wooden Buddha Wall Art Panels and Plaques Buddha Buddhist blog 300th post top 10 posts

Kung Fu Panda - Rests on Buddhist Principles Shock

This newly minted classic cartoon for all the family stars a Kung Fu panda voiced by Jack Black and a soundtrack and story second to none.

Buddha Buddhism cartoon Kung Fu Panda nothingness
Nothing Exists – Zen Koan

That’s right nothing exists – except of course for beautiful stone and wood hand carved fat and laughing Buddha garden statues suitable for use in the home and garden. The stone Buddha garden statue suitable for use in the home and garden hiatus didn’t last long!

Buddha Buddhism Zen Koan angry nothing exists
All Seasons are Good Seasons - What We Think We Become

Particularly the seasons when we can go outside and enjoy our gardens and the beautiful stone laughing (or fat) garden Buddha statues.

Zen Koan Buddha Buddhist seasons poem
Plans for a new $3 billion Buddhist 'Mecca' to attract Buddhist pilgrims

Northern India wants to cash in on the largenumbers of Indian and international visitors who come to see the Buddhist temples and shrines in the Land of the Buddha.

Buddha Buddhist Mecca pilgrims garden gardens Lumbini India Nepal China

Zen Koan - When You Love, Love Openly

Very true – I and you love Zen Koans. We also love beautiful Zen gardens.

Buddha Buddhism Zen Koan love nun monk
Zen Koans - the moment of understanding

If you’re reading this then this ws the moment you understood that I would shortly be writing about beautiful stone and wooden laughing or fat garden Buddha statues suitable for use in your home and garden and not about Zen gardens or Zen koans.

Buddha Buddhism Zen Koan meditation understanding
You Cannot Steal the Moon – Zen Koan

Too true – nor should you steal beautiful stone or wooden laughing or fat Buddha statues from anyone’s home or garden. Buy or get given one as a gift.

Buddha Buddhist Zen Koan moon

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