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Home > Complete Buddha’s Face Blog Index – June 2011 Part 3

Complete Buddha’s Face Blog Index – June 2011 Part 3

The Complete Buddha’s Face Blog Index
June 2011 Part 3

June was a very busy month for the Buddha’s face blog – entries ranged from large reclining Buddha statues in Thailand through to casting a life size Buddha statue in pure gold. We also covered Buddhism and Star Wars to the Largest Buddhist gathering in the world – Wat Dhammakaya Thailand.

The Buddha’s Face blog was started to accompany the Buddha’s Face merchant site where we stock wooden Buddha wall art, wooden Buddha plaques, wooden Buddha statues, wooden Buddha masks, in fact all things Buddha for the home and garden.

All of our craft work is authentic, fair-trade and comes in a variety of sizes and colours from small to very large - much of it hand carved in sustainably forested wood.

Our colour range is unsurpassed and includes gold, green red, brown, dark wood, temple gold, burnt red, golden green, distressed white, silver, pewter. 

We also stock wooden Buddha amulets wall art and wooden Buddha votive tablets along with candles, aromatherapy incenses and burners and most recently beautiful canvas Buddha statue prints.

Whilst originally our concept was just to sell authentic hand carved wooden Buddha wall art, statues and ornamental Buddhas for the home and garden owing to popular demand we have extended our product range to include resin , fibreglass, cement , stone , metal , bronze and other materials. Where these Buddha wall art and Buddha statues can be used in the garden we highlight on the product description.
We have just included a new range of porcelain Buddha statues and silver Buddha statues. If it’s a laughing Buddha statue or happy Buddha statue you are after then you’ve come to the finest site of the web for all things Buddha.

Our key consideration when choosing our Buddha wall art and Buddha statues for your home and garden is does the Buddha image look and feel beautiful and is this a Buddha wall art panel or Buddha statue we would want in our own homes. 

 “In the beginning you will fall into the gaps in between thoughts –
after practicing for years, you become the gap”
J.Kleykamp (Regarding meditation)
In my ends are my beginnings - I Shall Be Released

The Buddha’s Face blog writer Ian uses this blog to celebrate the passing of his nine-to-five existence and look forward to the future.

Buddha Buddhism work start new beginnings civil service Jeff Buckley

Sitting quietly, doing nothing, spring comes, and spring goes

The Buddha’s face loves Zen koans and relevant Zen videos – here’s a couple. You may clap quietly with one hand. (or alternatively go out to your garden and meditate in front of your large stone Buddha garden statue if you have one – if not why not try the Buddha’s Face the finest site on the web for authentic fair-trade Buddha wall art , Buddha plaques and Buddha statues for the home and garden !. And whilst I’m on the subject did I mention our Buddha panels come in a variety of colours including gold, green red, brown, dark wood, temple gold, burnt red, golden green, distressed white, silver, and pewter. 

Zen quote nature grass grows Buddha Buddhism

Zen koans – because you and I love them whether we are in our home or garden (please no more laughing stone garden Buddha nonsense – you’ve made your point). 

Is this the most beautiful Zen garden ever?

Ever the on for a garden article – did I mention that we love laughing and non laughing Buddha garden statues for your home and garden. And if you haven’t a garden – never mind they look great in your home – or they would make a wonderful present for a friend’s or relative’s garden.

Buddha Buddhism Zen garden design sand swirls green
Compilation Index of all the 3D Buddha Statue Stereogrammes

The most popular blogs on the Buddha’s Face blog so popular that I decided to do a complete blog index to make them all easy to find.

Optical illusions Buddha Buddhism 3d optical illusion stereograms

Thai Animated Cartoon – The Life of the Buddha Buddha Buddhism

We’ve had quite a few Buddha animated cartoons about the Buddha for kids – here’s a big money production from Thailand. No laughing as it’s a serious project with serious intent.

cartoon animated Life of the Buddha Thai Thailand
More Buddhism in US Animated Cartoons – King of the Hill

The popular and controversial US cartoon King of the Hill follows on from the Simpson in doing a Buddha episode – stand by for laughing and clichés.

Buddha Buddhism animated cartoon King of the Hill Fox Simpsons 

Zen Koan woven around a Jungle Track

Love this piece – the sum is greater than the total of the two halves. Buddhism has never sounded this funky!

Zen Koan jungle music genno roshi break beat   
Lisa Simpson and Buddhism - She of Little Faith

The Simpsons Buddha episode and it would have to be deep thinking Lisa that gets the call – also start star Hollywood Buddhist Richard Gere. You’ll be laughing to the end credits.

Buddha Buddhism Simpsons Lisa Richard Gere Bart
Zen Koan - The Most Valuable Thing in the World

Yes what is the most valuable thing in the world – clue it’s not a fat stone garden Buddha or even a laughing stone garden Buddha – in fact it’s nothing to do with the garden or fat laughing stone Buddha statues. Click to find out the answer.

Zen Koan dead cat head meditation China allegory
Zen Koan - The Black Nosed Buddha

What could make a cherished Buddha statue – ugly – you won’t be laughing when you find the answer – just enlightened?

Buddha Buddhism statues statues gold lead Zen Koan meditation

Zen Koan - No Work, No Food

Tell that to Shameless’s Frank Gallagher – he’s no laughing Buddha for sure.

Zen Koan Hyakujo work food Buddha Buddhist meditation
Buddhism and Advertising - Ellen Degeneres and the Amex ad

Oi as Bill Hick’s said if you are in advertising or marketing – go find yourselves. The Laughing Guru Bill Hicks – sorely missed.

Advertising Ellen Degeneres yoga meditation
The Dalai Lama Latte - An Amazing Ad from Taiwan

Yes you read it right – a cup of coffee in which the barista makes an image of his Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Buddha Buddhism latte coffee advertising ad Dalai Lama Villa Garden Hotel

A Beautiful Buddha picture and 100 Buddha Video

We love beautiful Buddha images and this is a beaut and another chance to see one of the longest Buddha statue videos on the Buddha’s Face you tube channel

Buddha Buddhism beautiful picture video

The Buddhist Glastonbury - Buddhafield

Summer in the UK means festivals and Buddhism has its own special in the beautiful garden that is England – Buddhafield.

Buddha Buddhism Glastonbury festival festivals Buddhafield Michael Eavis

The Lessons I Have Learnt from the Buddha

My personal tribute to the great man and how he has inspired my life.

Buddha Buddhism lessons life Dalai Lama You Tube blog
The Buddha's Face - Wall Art In Situ

We firmly believe we are the best place on the web to buy wholesale and retail Buddha statues, Buddha sculptures and Buddha wall panel decor for both the home and garden

We has bespoke design available, from small Buddha statues to large Buddha wall art in colours from natural wood to gold ,all beautifully hand carved by our Buddhist artists and 100% fair-trade.

Buddha Face wall art in situ lounge
Osamu Tezuka's The Buddha - Japanese Manga Cartoon

Buddhist Japan finds in manga away to understand the world and the Buddha – really beautiful Zen gardens in Japan BTW!

Buddha Buddhism Japan Japanese manga cartoon anime
Buddha Manga - Japanese Manga Art and a Stunning Buddha

This is a great modern beautiful Buddha image. The large Buddha statue in the centre of the dystopian futuristic city provides light and beauty in a darkening world.

Buddhist Japan Japanese manga art city

All of our hand carved wooden Buddha Wall art panels wooden Buddha plaques,

Buddha statues, Buddha sculptures and Buddha ornaments

have been lovingly hand carved from rain tree hard wood by our buddhist artists

All orders dispatched next working day and always has been free UK delivery,

Ship to Europe £20 (23euros) 2-3 day serviceShip to USA £50 ($75) 2-3 day service

The firmly believe we are the best place to buy wholesale and retail Buddha statues, sculptures and wall panel decor for your home and garden
We have our bespoke design available, from small Buddha statues to large Buddha wall art in colours from natural wood to gold , all carved by our Thai Buddhist artists and 100% fairtrade.