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Home > Complete Buddha’s Face Blog Index – March 2011

Complete Buddha’s Face Blog Index – March 2011

Complete Buddha’s Face Blog Index

March 2011


“Holding on to anything is like holding on to your breath.

You will suffocate. The only way to get anything in the physical universe is by letting go of it.

Let go & it will be yours forever”.

Deepak Chopra

Buddhist Hip Hop Artist - A Cultivator

We love this guy a Buddhist monk that raps about Buddhism and he does it so well,

A Cultivator Buddhist Hip Hop Rap Low Cost Business Videos

30% Off Sale - ALL Buddha Wall Art - Trade Prices

Not currently on but keep engaged and join our newsletter to keep informed about our regular deals for friends of the Buddha’s Face so you can find your beautiful stone Buddha garden statue for less than you thought !

Buddha Wall Art Sale 30% Discount
The Last Words of the Buddha - Wordle

Wordle is a great word visualisation tool see what happens when you put the last words of the Buddha through it. (No mention of gardens surprisingly enough).

Buddha Buddhist Death "Last Words" 101
Our 250th Buddha Face Blog Post - Numbers don't matter
Milestone post where we review where we’ve come from.

We have wooden Thai Buddha Statues, Laughing, Happy, Chinese Buddha Statues, and Garden Stone Buddha Statues. All of our wooden Thai Buddha statues have been hand carved by our own Buddhist artists in 7 stunning colours and 3 different sizes and matching wooden Buddha wall art is available.

Our range of Stone Garden Buddhas have been hand picked for their quality of casting and material, and have been sourced in the UK. Some of these beautiful moulds have been cast from our own Buddha statues. We also have a range of Wooden Chinese laughing, fat and happy Buddha's and Wooden Yogi Statues in different sizes.

Buddha Buddhist statues statues 250 posts 
New Flickr Buddha's Face Album Launched

To complement the Buddha’s Face Picasa web album we’ve launched a Flickr one as well. Lots of photos of beautiful stone Buddha gardens statues in garden settings no doubt!

Buddha Buddhist Blog Flickr Photos
The Buddha and Jesus - Sermon on the Mount by Wordle

This time we put the Sermon on the Mount through Wordle to see what comes out.

Buddha Buddhist Jesus Wordle Sermon on the Mount Christian

Water in Buddhist Garden Design

Ah – at last a blog article actually about Buddha statues in gardens or more accurately water in Buddhist garden design. If you are looking to update your garden with a beautiful stone Buddha garden statue then you’ve come to the right place.

Buddha Buddhist garden gardens statues statues water pond frogs

Wordle - Top 50 Buddha Quotes

A Wordle craze was begun – this time with the top 50 Buddha quotes.

Buddha Buddhist Wordle Quotes Cloud
Best Ever 3D Buddha Stereogramme

The most popular entry on the Buddha’s Face blog bar none – I don’t know why I bother. Why not look at all the interesting articles about stone Buddha gardens statues. Yes that’s right stone Buddha garden statues – we have loads of them over at the Buddha’s Face website.

3D Buddha statues statues stereogram
Our Best Ever Selection at the Buddha's Face

Our new stock of Buddha statues, wall art panels for your home and garden has just arrived in the UK so why not take a look around the Buddha’s Face website to see if you can find the ideal stone Buddha statue or wooden hand-carved Buddha wall art panel for your home and garden. Buddha, Buddhism and Buddhist art. Buddha Buddhist statues statues garden stone

The Buddha’s Face

We are the number one internet site for Asiatic Buddha Wall Art interior decoration.

Our copious Buddha range includes Buddha statues, Buddha artifacts and Buddha statuettes and we can cater to both the wholesale and retail markets.

We firmly believe we are the  perfect karma for your home and garden.

Our Wall Art is lovingly hand sculptured by Asiatic Buddhist artists in Northern Thailand

We have matchless choice and high calibre carvings direct from the wood carvers in Thailand

Our Buddha art colours and conceptions will  suit any home interior, decor and garden

We provide only the very best garden wall art carvings

We have all sizes from the very little (20cm) through to big (1m) to very large (3m!)

We are low-cost and offer great value - with prices commencing from just £9.99

Buddha Statues and Buddha Artefacts - Bronze, Stone and Wood

Our Styles include authentic antique reproductions to contemporaneous and modernistic styles

Our Buddha statue range includes Buddha heads, Buddha statuettes, Buddha  hands, reclining Buddha statues , sitting Buddha statues, standing Buddha statues and meditating Buddha statues.

Our Buddha statues make the perfect decoration and perfect presents

We stock a lot of different colors - our most popular are dark wood, gold, bronze, silver and red - to fill in the look in your home interior and garden.
We can provide bespoke design and product sourcing

We can hand carve Buddha art in any size or colour

As featured on BBC1 DIY SOS and ITV 60 Minute Makeover and many style and designing magazines

Our hand carved wooden Buddha Face wall art panels and  Buddha statues are more and more popular as people recognise how wonderful they look as features in their homes and garden.

We provide both retail, trade and drop shipping clients including antique, garden, gift, furniture, and new age stores and eating places.

We can distribute to Interior Designers, Spa, Massage and Yoga businesses who lile to adorn their treatment rooms and studios or for reselling to their clients.

We provide complimentary UK shipping on all buys