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Home > Complete Buddha’s Face Blog Index – November 2010

Complete Buddha’s Face Blog Index – November 2010

Complete Buddha’s Face Blog Index
November 2010

November saw the introduction of the Buddha’s Face blog most popular articles – the 3D sterogrammes of the Buddha. These seemingly random collection of dots or images appear baffling until you stare at them almost cross-eyed for a period of time. If you get the knack and you will with practice then the 3D image will snap into view. They have been so popular I keep on looking for more.

A Buddha statue reminds us of the human element in Buddhism , the fact that Buddhism is human-centered, rather than god-centered, that we must look within to find perfection and understanding.Buddhists do not worship a Buddha statue expecting rewards, but pay their reverence to the teachings of the Buddha.


“We are all here for some special reason.

Stop being a prisoner of your past.

Become the architect of your future.”

Robin Sharm

Another 3D Magic Eye Buddha Stereogram
Classic popular Buddhas in 3D
Buddha Buddhist 3D Magic Eye Stereogram optical illusion
3D Buddha Image Stereogram

Yawn – yet another 3D magic eye Buddha statue – but sadly not in a garden.

3D Buddha statues statues stereogram
3D Buddhist Images from Japan

Classic retro old images of Japan in 3D and with beautiful Buddha statues in beautiful Buddhist Zen gardens.

Buddha Buddhist statues statues Japan stereo 3d
200th Post – The Best of the Buddha’s Face – Viewers Choice

Another milestone another occurrence of beautiful stone Buddha statues in garden.

Buddha Buddhism 101 blog art statues statues best of
The Beatles and Buddhism - John Lennon
Let it Be – Beatles and Buddhism explained.
Buddha Buddhism Beatles John Lennon Zen
More Famous Buddhists - Artist Laurie Anderson

The eccentric songstress and performance artist is an avowed Buddhist.

Buddha Buddhist Laurie Anderson artist art eccentric
Famous Buddhists - Annie Lennox - Eurhythmics

Love this song Why from one of the UK’s most famous Buddhists.

Famous Buddhists Annie Lennox Eurhythmics
The Heart Sutra Revisited
Classic beauty from this timeless sacred Buddhist poem.
Buddha Buddhism Heart Sutra Chant

The First Western Buddhist Theosophical Society Colonel Henry Steel Olcott

Without him maybe Buddhism would never have taken hold in the west in the way it has. Classic Victorian whiskers.

Buddha Buddhist Sri Lanka Ceylon Madame Blavatsky
The Heart Sutra - The Little Buddha

The most moving scene of the classic Buddhist film the Little Buddha.

Buddha Buddhist Heart Sutra "The Little Buddha" Hollywood
My Favourite Little Buddha Music Video - Keane

Great combination of a classic song and a classic movie the Little Buddha.

Buddha Buddhism music video Keane "The Little Buddha”
Online Buddha's Face Jigsaw Puzzle

Have a go and see how quick you can make this beautiful Buddha wall panel image from the Buddha’s Face.

Buddha Buddhism jigsaw puzzle game 101 art wall panels
Lecture on Buddhism and Science

Einstein felt that Buddhism was the most rational religion and accorded with his views – find out more in this fascinating video.

Buddha Buddhism lecture science Einstein
Buddhism and Wall Street - Greed is not Good

Greed has brought us to a second Great Depression – Bankers love money more than people – let us hope some of them hear the message of the Buddha and repent.

Buddha Buddhism greed wall st movie
Did Jesus learn from the Buddha?
I suspect so which explains quite a lot.
Buddha Buddhism Jesus Crucifixion
I used to visit my garden and revisit my garden at least ten times a day, and stand in deep contemplation over my vegetable garden with a love that nobody could share or conceive of who had never taken part in the process of creation that a garden provides. My garden provided one of the most bewitching sights in the world to observe a hill of beans thrusting through the garden's soil , or a rose of early garden peas just peeping forth sufficiently to trace a line of delicate green. I would lose myself in my garden and then find myself again.
Nathaniel Hawthorne - thoughts on his garden

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