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The Buddha's Face Blog Index

 The Buddha's Face Complete Blog Index 

The Buddha's Face blog has been going for just nearly a year now and regularly attracts over a 100 visitors a week.In it we blog about all things related to the Buddha and Buddhism and the sometimes weird and wonderful statues,temples and practices of one of the world's most fascinating religion followed by over 400 million people worldwide. We would love to hear from you and even consider publishing articles or  observations on our blog.You can reach us at thebuddhasface<atinsert@to> .

Main Entry:    blog
Part of Speech:    n
Definition:    an online diary; a personal chronological log ofthoughts published on a Web page; also calledWeblogWeb log
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60 minutes of hard digging in your garden
is a beneficial way of getting one's brain
back in the right view.
Your garden is your refuge
Garden qoute by Richard Briers

Buddha's Face Complete Blog Index 2009 

Buddha's Face Complete Blog Index January  - May 2010

Buddha's Face Complete Blog Index June - July 2010

Buddha's Face Complete Blog Index August - November 2010

Buddha's Face Complete Blog Index - November 2010 - July 2011

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