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Home > The Complete Buddha’s Face Blog Index – July 2011 Part 1

The Complete Buddha’s Face Blog Index – July 2011 Part 1

The Complete Buddha’s Face Blog Index

July 2011 Part 1


So many entries this month I have had to split it up again into bite sized Buddha chunks. Four across: Laughing Buddha stone statue (or statues) in the garden (or gardens) answer: The Buddha’s Face.

“Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom”


Malaysian Buddhist Acapella Group - The Dharma Shines in Me

Some nice singing from these Malaysian modern Buddhists reaching out to a contemporary Sangha.

Buddha Buddhist songs pop music i.gemz
Messengers of the Dharma - Buddhist Wedding Pop Song

Tow young Malaysian Buddhist pop singers go for it in a contemporary Buddhist setting.

Buddha Buddhist Singapore Asia Pop Songs singing group

Children's Buddhist Song - Pass it On - Danger Tune sticking in head alert!

Yes careful or you will be laughing until you cry and this tune will stick around if you don’t watch out. You may even need to go and rest in your beautiful Buddha garden to get over it.

Buddha Buddhist child children kids song Pass it On
Buddha - Stand by Me - Ben E. King - Playing for Change

Love the song Love the group – inspiring the world with hope, compassion and artful songs.

Buddha Buddhist Ben E. King Stand by Me Fear Playing for Change

Laughing Buddha - Soap on a Rope

This is no laughing matter – or maybe it is Fat Laughing Buddha soap on a rope. I bet the makers have cleaned up with this laughing fat Buddha marketing tack.

Buddha Buddhist Laughing Fat soap on a rope vegan
Ananda - One of the Buddha's First Disciples

The monk who helped to ensure the Buddha’s message would be passed down the ages – a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Find our more about Ananda in this blog entry.

Buddha Buddhism disciple Ananda
Would the Buddha have used an Apple Mac ?

Whose laughing now – apparently the Buddha would have used a Mac – find out why here.

Buddha Buddhist Apple Mac Steve Jobs PC
Buddhism made simple through the medium of Lego Bricks

More of our perennial favourites Buddhism told through the medium of the world’s favourite toy bricks – you can make anything with these little fellas including garden stone laughing Buddha statues.

Buddha Buddhism Lego bricks teaching made simple video

See above a child’s noble attempt at enlightenment hence no laughing at such a noble effort – as if we would.

Buddhist Monk Dance Trance Remix

We love trance music at the Buddha’s face blog and this is a young Tibetan Buddhist monks dancing in the temple court yard and of course re-set to a trance music soundtrack.

Buddha Buddhist monk dance dancing mash up remix trance funny comedy   

The Answer Me Buddha Electronic Battery Operated toy

Why does China make this stuff – has it no respect for the Buddha – or is it us for wanting this tack either way its no laughing matter of maybe laughing is the only response to have. Please don’t put this in your garden!

Buddha Buddhist toy electronic battery operated laughing plastic Fat toy

Two minute Buddhist meditation You Tube calming video and music

Chill out and calm down with this wonderfully relaxing Buddha meditation and it only takes two minutes.

Buddha Buddhism meditation relaxing calm video chilled ambient

Crazy and Funny Chinese Electronic Talking Happy Buddha

Laughing all the way to the Buddha bank with this piece of Chinese Buddha tat – I’ve said it once before but I’ll say it again – do not use this plastic Buddha statue in your garden.

Buddha Buddhism Laughing Fat battery operated talking toy

The Buddha Comes to Sussex - Classic 1970s BBC Documentary

Serious once again – a classic BBC documentary from the 1970s about one of the first Buddhist monasteries in the UK founded by the Venerable Ajarn Chah from Thailand.

BBC Buddha Buddhist Chithurst Ajarn Chah Sumedho Amaravati
Really Beautiful Psychedelic Buddha Art Image

We love beautiful Buddha art at the Buddha’s face and we particularly love the interface between Buddhism and modern art and making Buddhism accessible for a new generation – enjoy!

Buddha Buddhism statue statues art meditation psychedelic acid

Yi Peng – The Amazing Thai Buddhist Lantern Ceremony Buddha

A ravishing video as 10,000 Chinese lanterns are let of into the Thai night sky for this annual Buddhist festival.

Buddhism Thai Thailand Lanterns Yi Peng Lanna Candles Fire Loy Krathong time lapse khom loi


Trance Monks - New Video from the Buddha's Face You tube channel

We’ll visit this once again – this version is done by the Buddha’s Face and has a Tibetan Buddhist monk dancing to trance!

Buddha Buddhist video dancing dance trance techno Chicane Sigur Ros

Imee Ooi - Metta - The Chant of Loving Kindness
A beautiful voice from a beautiful Buddhist singer.
Imee Ooi Metta Buddhist chanting loving kindness
Buddhist Chanting Music - Imee Ooi - New Age Buddhist singer

When I first heard the angelic voice of the Buddhist singer Imee Ooi I was an immediate convert – I hope you will be too.

Buddha Buddhist chanting Heart Sutra Mandarin Imee Ooi

Tiger Temple Kanchanaburi - Temple Gimmick or Wildlife sanctuary

More wild (literally) ideas from Thai Buddhist monks to attract money and followers to their temple – these ones bite!

Tiger Temple Thailand Buddha Buddhist conservation

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