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Home > The Complete Buddha’s Face Blog Index – July 2011 Part 2

The Complete Buddha’s Face Blog Index – July 2011 Part 2

The Complete Buddha’s Face Blog Index

July 2011 Part 2


When you don’t get what you want, you suffer.

If you get it, you suffer too since you can’t hold on to it forever.”

Peaceful Warrior, on the fallacy of attachment


The Very Very Best from the Buddha’s Face Blog

Time for a compilation of the very best of the Buddha’s Face blog – my choice this time and I think it includes Laughing Buddhas and Buddha gardens – or does it?

Buddha Buddhist lists top 10 very best compilations Jesus 3D garden

Needlework Tapestry Beautiful Buddha Image

Not just beautiful stone Buddha statues but tapestry Buddha images  as well – here’s a fine example.

Buddha Buddhism image head needlework craft tapestry beautiful Zen

Buddhism and the Movies - Complete Blog Index

We’ve done so many Buddha and Buddhist movie blogs I thought it would be timely to do a compilation list. 

Buddha Buddhism movies films theatre cinema index spirituality Dhamma


Who was the Wife of the Buddha? Yasodhara

And why did the Buddha leave her in the lurch – find out who and why.

Yasodhara Buddha Buddhism wife sex sensuality Heng Sure marriage


Zen Koan - A Mother's Knows Best - Pink Floyd !

It seems that the Buddha‘s Face blog loves both Pink Floyd and Zen Koans – here we have them both for your delectation.

Buddha Buddhism Zen Koan mother meditation meditating Shingon Pink Floyd

Smoking Thai Buddhist monks find it hard to quit

These Thai Buddhist monks know they shouldn’t but still they do – no sneaking out to the garden for a crafty fag.

Buddha Buddhism Thai Thailand smoking vice cigarettes


The Banksy Buddha - Graffiti Art

A newly minted classic Buddha image from the rebel graffiti artist who is now the toast of the contemporary art world – Banksy’s Buddha.

Banksy Buddha Buddhism graffiti art paint spray Waterloo Banksy tunnel Simpsons


Let's Go After the Buddhists - Roy Zimmerman – Comedy song

No lets leave the Buddhist alone – laughing at the great comedy here – the Buddha would most probably approve?

Buddha Buddhist comedy humour funny Roy Zimmerman


Star Wars and Buddhism - May the Force be with You

Our first foray into Buddhism and Star Wars – no actual stone garden Buddhas here just a straight exposition of the links in this extremely popular sci fi movie.

Buddha Buddhism Star Wars Hollywood George Lucas Zen mythology


Beautiful Large Reclining Buddha and Monks and Imee Ooi

This is a marvellously beautiful large reclining Buddha statue photo with the sublime music of the Buddhist singing artist Imee Ooi.

Buddha Buddhism largereclining statue monks Imee Ooi


The History of Dhammakaya - The Largest Buddhist Temple in the world

Another visit to the world’s most fastest growing and controversial Buddhist sect which started in Thailand and has the largest Buddhist temple and Buddhist gardens in the world

Buddha Buddhism Thai Thailand Dhammakaya massive temple Pra Nicholas


Shanghai Expo Buddha Graffiti Art

I love Buddha graffiti art and so it seems do you.

Banksy Buddha Buddhism graffiti art paint spray Shanghai Expo


Painting the Buddha - Beautiful Buddha images and a video painting the Buddha

A Buddhist temple Buddha altar triptych and the Buddha’s Face You Tube channel Painting the Buddha Video. What more could you ask for – yes I know Laughing and Fat Stone Buddha statues and Buddha gardens – strictly no laughing here please.

Buddha Buddhist paint painting art image statue statues FWBO Aloka

More Buddha Graffiti Art

On my Buddha the title says it all – and again no laughing – no stone faces or you’ll have to go and stay out in the garden.

Buddha Buddhism wall art graffiti


Buddha Graffiti Art - Los Angeles

See above under Gardens, Buddha – stone laughing Buddha statues

Buddha Buddhism Art Graffiti Los Angeles wall


Lucky Thai Red Lipped Lottery Buddha

This lucky Thai Buddha statue is reputed to help you win the Thai lottery. Stone the crows – this is no laughing matter!

Buddha Buddhism Thai Thailand lottery Wat Phrammanee gambling


Over 350 posts and 45000 views - A Jug Fills Drop

A milestone blog entry and a time to reflect – thanks for stopping by.

Buddha Buddhist blog 350 post statue statues religion wacky


Richard Gere and the Dalai Lama

Hollywood’s most famous Buddhist meets the world’s most famous Buddhist teacher – they’ll be laughing together very soon!

Buddha Buddhism Richard Gere Dalai Lama Tibet


The Buddhist Singing Nun - Nepal's Very Own Sound of music star

The gardens are alive with the sound of laughing stone Buddhas or something like that anyway – what a voice – go and have a listen.

Buddha Buddhist Ani Choying Dolma Singing Nun Nepali Tibetan Buddha Bar


The Largest Buddhist Gathering in the History of the world

Dhammakaya again doing their largest Buddhist gathering in the history of the world piece.

Buddha Buddhist Dhammakaya cult temple monks Bangkok


Casting a Life Size Statue of a Buddhist Monk in pure gold

Yes pure gold life size Buddhist monk statue – repeat after me a real life size Buddhist monk statue in pure 24 carat gold – this is no laughing matter.

Buddha Buddhism Dhammakaya gold monk cult


Pursue Perfection for Nirvana - Dhammakaya Foundation video

A cartoon from the Thai Dhamma guys putting forward their case. Don’t be laughing now!

Buddha Buddhist cartoon Dhammakaya animated feature nirvana cult

Again – as above – no laughing please and no mention of fat or laughing hand carved Thai Buddha statues and Thai Buddha ornaments for your home and garden !


Oseam - South Korean Cartoon - Buddhism and Catholicism

A beautiful South Korean cartoon on a difficult subject handled sensitively –worth a look. 

Buddha Buddhism Korea Korean cartoon Disney animated movie  

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