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Home > The Complete Buddha’s Face Blog Index – July 2011 Part 3

The Complete Buddha’s Face Blog Index – July 2011 Part 3

The Complete Buddha’s Face Blog Index

July 2011 Part 3  


 We are not human beings having a spiritual experience.
We are spiritual beings having a human experience”
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin


EXCLUSIVE - The Buddha Frog - Kermit the Frog does Johnny Cash’s Hurt

Probably the only Buddhist blog with a Buddha frog entry – a big fat laughing Buddha statue to you all! The frog sits on the pond in the wood having carved out a place in the hearts of us all.

Buddha Buddhism frog kids children pond nature funny humour Kermit song Johnny Cash

Buddhafield the Buddhist Glastonbury - Enigma Gravity of Love

The annual Buddhist festival of peace and love gets on down and dirty in a field and wood in the countryside (hint not the garden of England!)

Buddha Buddhism Buddhafield Glastonbury music Enigma
Buddhist Bob Dylan - The Singing Monk - Heng Sure

Buddhist music coming out of our ears – this great and inspiring monk Heng Sure rocks the joint. (No gardens or carved wood though!)

Buddha Buddhism Heng Sure Bob Dylan Singing Monk Kwan Yin Bodhisattva of compassion

More Buddhist Children's Cartoons

Aah – kiddies cartoons about the Buddha – how sweet ! The Buddha is in the wood.

Buddha Buddhism children cartoon kids animated Disney
A Christmas Buddha Elvis Toy Thingy
A laughing Buddha statue sings Elvis – really!
Buddha Buddhism Xmas Christmas Elvis toy singing tacky
Korean 'Elvis' Buddhist Monk sings My Way like Sid Vicious

Laughing I nearly died – his heartfelt performance though has some merit. Though it has to be said he is a bit wooden.

Buddha Buddhism Elvis monk Korea Korean Catholic church My Way song singing Sid Vicious

Christian anti Buddhist song Oh Buddha - Russ Taff

Chill out Russ – we are all god’s children in the widest sense.

Buddha Buddhism Russ Taff anti-Buddhism Hare Krishna intolerant heaven

The Most Beautiful Buddhist Chanting with Music

Buddhist chanting music of a beautiful kind for the garden of your mind.

Buddha Buddhism music relaxation chant chanting Hanshan Temple calm meditation monks
The Buddhist Bob Dylan - The Singing Monk

The first appearance of the Buddhist Bob Dylan – crooning tunefully on a Buddha theme.

Buddha Buddhism Bob Dylan Pete Seeger guitar song acoustic moving spiritual

The Enlightened Monk - Student Animation by Emily Tse

This student pulls off a charming cartoon short on an enlightened Buddhist monk.

Buddha Buddhism cartoon animation monk monster children kids cute

A Buddhist Joke
You’ll be laughing at this Buddhist joke?
Buddha Buddhism joke humour funny comedy
A Temple of Profit - Wat Dhammakaya Thailand

Thailand’s most controversial Buddhist sect can’t stop building ever bigger Buddhist temples – this documentary lifts the lid on this story.

Buddha Buddhism Thai Thailand cult Dhammakaya critic money wealth Amway

The Nonsense of Buddhism - a critic speaks out + Buddha statue with cat on its head

Yes as the title says – and a stone Buddha garden statue with a cat on its head.

Buddha Buddhism debunking nonsense critic logic reason Theravadan cat statue statues

The Amazing Miracle of the Talking Buddha Statue

You be laughing at this one for sure – an amazing talking stone Buddha statue.

Buddha Buddhism statue statues miracle talking
Buddhist Hymn - the Light of Asia - a simple child’s song

More cute kid’s stuff – very sweet this one – the Buddha would approve.

Buddha Buddhism song hymn rejoice simple child kids joy
Buddhism in Second Life - an online refuge?

The popular online SIM game has a virtual Buddhist temple complete with large beautiful virtual Buddha statue – and on a serious note provides a place where one can go to seek refuge with the Sangha.

Buddha Buddhism Second Life virtual Sangha refuge
Discovering Buddhist Nirvana in the online game Second Life

A second helping of Second Life – no laughing here it’s deadly serious as we have an exposition of Buddhism against the backdrop of this virtual online world.

Buddha Buddhism Nirvana Second Life reality letting go meditation

Burma's Monks - You'll Never Walk Alone

Moving photo montage of Burma’s Buddhist monks and people along with a soundtrack of a Burmese person singing this very moving song.

Buddha Buddhism Burma Myanmar monks temples struggle liberation freedom   

Lady Gaga - Judas - Buddha Parody Spoof Music Video
Warning bad taste alert by these laughing Dutch jokers.

Buddha Buddhism Lady Gaga Judas Parody spoof comedy humour funny   

Let the Mystery Be - Iris DeMent - The Little Buddha

Overheard on the soundtrack of the Little Buddha I searched it out and here it is – a brilliant little country song with a powerful message.

Buddha Buddhism Little Buddha Iris DeMent Let the Mystery Be
The Little Buddha - Movie Trailer and a Spoof

My favourite movie on the Buddha – here’s the Little Buddha movie trailer and a Buddha movie that doesn’t exist,

Buddha Buddhism The Little Buddha Bertolucci Hollywood Keanu Reeves spoof

Ten Thousand Buddha Temple - Hong Kong - IN LEGO!

We love Lego on the Buddha’s Face and so it seems do you – an amazing replica of this famous Chinese Buddhist temple all in LEGO!

Buddha Buddhism Lego bricks toy temple Hong Kong 1000 Buddhas

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