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Home > The Complete Buddha’s Face Blog Index – July 2011 Part 4

The Complete Buddha's Face Blog Index July 2011 Part 4

The Complete Buddha’s Face Blog Index

July 2011 Part 4


I work on creating articles for the blog on an almost hourly basis and my mind goes on a free-though word association, I Google images and you tube videos to see if I can fine an alternative angle on Buddhism that I haven’t explored before. It is an engrossing and almost meditative process which leads me to stumbling on all sorts of amazing information. The article about the largest solid gold Buddha statue in the world is the most popular of this particular bunch.


“And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count.

It’s the life in your years.”

Abraham Lincoln

Charming Thai Student Documentary about Buddhamonthon Park, Thailand

Buddhism in Thailand in the state religion and these two Thai college girls narrate a very professional documentary about the Buddha Park which has at its centre a very large walking Buddha statue.

Buddha Buddhism statue statues Buddhamonthon Thai Thailand Nakhon Pathom   

Beautiful Buddha image made out of sand

Sand not stone (and not carved wood) goes to make this beautiful Buddha image

Buddha Buddhism statue statues sand animation beautiful
The Largest Solid Gold Buddha Statue in the World

At a worth of probably $300 million this sold gold Buddha statue is the most valuable in the world. 

Buddha Buddhism Thai Thailand Wat Traimit solid gold statue statues

Thai monk just loves a farang's magic trick.

You’ll be laughing just like this old Thai monk when you see the magic trick performed,

Buddha Buddhism Thai Thailand monk magic trick
The Amazing Disappearing Magic Buddha Trick!

One minute there’s a beautiful meditating Buddha statue the next minute – where’s the Buddha statue gone – laughing – maybe!

Buddha Buddhism magic trick illusion disappearing Tommy Cooper

Becoming the path - Adashino-Nenbutsu-ji Buddhist temple Japan

A beautiful Zen Buddha garden in Japan and a walk through a garden of bamboo. This wood of oriental trees provides a relaxing refuge from the modern world.

Buddha Buddhism Japan bamboo grove path steps Adashino-Nenbutsu-ji


Why choose Buddhism in the modern world? Movie trailer and full movie on Vimeo

A beautiful short documentary about the Buddha and Buddhism.

Buddha Buddhism movie documentary trailer

Star Wars and Buddhism - The Dark Side of the Buddha

Buddhism in the movies is a recurring theme of the blog and this is a goodie – Buddhist George Lucas director of Star Wars has made a modern Buddhist parable – this marvellous short video essay explains how.

Buddha Buddhism Star Wars Hollywood George Lucas Zen mythology

Young Buddhist Monks Sing the Sun Will Come Out To Tomorrow

Cute kids again laughing all the way as they sing that excruciating song from the musical Annie.

Buddha Buddhism monks Kashmir singing Annie musical

The Buddha's Face 400th Blog Post

Another milestone in the blog that is the Buddha’s face where you can buy Fair-trade Thai Buddhas, beautiful Buddha Statues from very small to very large , Laughing Happy Buddhas, Stone Garden Buddhas, Wooden Buddha Wall Art Panels and Buddha Plaques – all suitable for your home and garden.  Oh did I forget to say large Buddha wooden panels and Buddha’s carved out of wood.

Buddha Buddhism blog 400th post Thailand temples
A Thai Buddhist House Blessing - with the chef Gordon Ramsay

The foul mouthed celebrity chef learns humility at the hand’s of a talented Thai chef. One of our most popular posts – you’ll be laughing when he gets his come uppance – maybe!?

Buddha Buddhism Thai Thailand food blessing Chef Gordon Ramsay pork   


Buddha Car Wash - Los Angeles

Clean your car the meditating Buddha way – only in the USA! The large graffiti Buddha looks great can’t help thinking though a large carved wood Buddha wood (pun) have looked better !

Buddha Buddhism car wash Los Angeles coin op

Hollywood Buddha - movie from the director of Boxing Helena

Most probably a cheap, rubbish movie on the evidence here – a Buddha statue head hopes to bring good luck for the out of work and broke director. He certainly wasn’t laughing all the way to the Buddha bank. The large Buddha head is carved out of marble rather than wood.

Buddha Buddhism statue statues Hollywood Philippe Caland showbiz Boxing Helena   

The Buddha's Life in Pictures with beautiful Sri Lankan singing

Beautiful Buddha images and Buddha statues in serene gardens accompany this ravishing singer’s voice,

Buddha Buddhism Indian song Bollywood life
Japanese Anime Girl explains esoteric Buddhism

Cute cartoon Japanese girl in thigh boots explains the finer points of esoteric Buddhism – Why I don’t know – but got me laughing all the same.

Buddha Buddhism Zen Japan Japanese cartoon animatronics anime daft

Buddhist Rock Festival - Rock the Era

Stone the crows or the Stone Crows – neither are here nor are the Stone Roses but a Buddhist rock festival in USA seems to want to rock the joint. They’ve certainly carved out a niche in the Buddha rock festival market.

Buddha Buddhism rock music festival Nichiren SGI queen "we are the champions"   

Oh My Buddha - Pink Floyd and a journey through Thailand

Pink Floyd is always good whatever the reason and this ravishing photo slide show of golden Thai Buddha statues on a journey through Thailand ticks all the boxes and a chance to see a whole host of large golden hand carved Buddha images.

Buddha Buddhism Thai Thailand Pink Floyd jam music statue statues wood

Are Buddhists allowed to have sex?

A good question – the answer is as long as you face the consequences of your actions – no sniggering or laughing at the back please.

Buddha Buddhism sex sexual pleasure pain suffering

Excellent Buddhist Folk Band - London Triratna Buddhist community

More Buddhist music as homage to the Buddha – laughing and crying in equal measure.

Buddha Buddhism folk music group singing London singer guitar

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