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Home > The Complete Buddha’s Face Blog Index – July 2011 Part 5

The Complete Buddha’s Face Blog Index – July 2011 Part 5

The Buddha’s Face Complete Blog Index

July 2011 Part 5


The blog is being updated it would seem almost hourly as I scour the web for the weird , the wonderful and the most amazing and inspiring articles about the Buddha and Buddhism from around the web. The process is now a have a dramatic image to illustrate the article, the body of the text with appropriate links out to relevant sites or other articles in the blog, an inspiring and relevant quote (often by the Buddha or the Dalai Lama – but increasingly to increase the variety other authors as well) and a well chosen video from You Tube or occasionally Vimeo). The stats for the blog have reached an all time high with daily views in the 300 – 400 mark.


“The consequences of today are determined by the actions of the past.

To change your future, alter your decisions today.”



Saint Young Men - Japanese manga comic - When Jesus met Buddha

Buddhism Buddha Japanese manga comic Jesus Hikaru Nakamura
Best ever song from the Buddha Bar - Wish You Were

Buddha Buddhist trance world music ambient bar records DJ Claude Challe   

Large Buddha Statue made out of car tyres!

No carved Buddhas here but arubber Buddha statue isn’t made out of stone, wood, bronze or marble but out of rubber tyres – it sure is laughing though!

Buddha Buddhist car tyres tires statue statues bronze copper

The Tallest Buddha Statue in the World - HD

This tallest Buddha statue is of enormous size – with a serene Buddha expression (not laughing or carved!)

Buddha Buddhism statue statues China tallest world largebronze copper

How to make an origami Buddha statue out of paper

You don’t always need to mould or carve a Buddha – why not try folding a small Buddha statue out of paper !

Buddha Buddhism paper Japan Japanese origami statue statues meditating sitting  

Andy Coulson - News of the World and the Buddha

He carved out a career that has all now gone down in flames – the quote from the Buddha is still very relevant 2500 years after he spoke them.

Buddha Buddhism East Dulwich Quote Dust Success
Fat Buddha LSD Acid Blotter

The psychedelic drug LSD has been poured onto paper blotters to make it easier to sell and market. This fat or laughing Buddha is a fine example of the art. Not carved just paper - I’ll have a fat one (Buddha) please and did I laugh!

Art Buddha Buddhism LSD acid drug blotter tab “fat Buddha” “laughing Buddha”

All aboard the Indian train to Enlightenment – Buddhist pilgrimage train

This Buddhist pilgrim train travels from the top of India picking up Sri Lankan and Indian Buddhist pilgrims to take them to the north of India and the major sites of the Buddha’s life.

Buddha Buddhism pilgrims train railways India Sri Lanka

Buddhist Chanting - Nothing But Everything (Japanese Shingon Zen Buddhism)

More beautiful Buddhist music by chanting Buddhist monks.

Buddha Buddhism Japan Zen chant chanting monks nothing Shingon


Abraxas - Japanese Film - Buddhist monk channels his energy into Leonard Cohen – you’ll be laughing along with this one.

An acclaimed Japanese movie comedy where the reluctant Zen Buddhist monk dreams of being Leonard Cohen.

Buddha Buddhism monk temple Leonard Cohen
Cute young Buddhist kids do the Buddha Way

Always a crowd pleaser (similar to a Fat Buddha statue or laughing Buddha statue but twice as sweet.)

Buddha Buddhism kids children child monk cute sweet
Psychedelic Buddha Music Video - Buddha Universe

Yet more Buddhist music with a ravishingly beautiful Buddha video.

Buddha Buddhism music acid psychedelic trance meditating

Dhamma Dana (The Gift of Dhamma) Trailer and Full movie on Vimeo

The tragedy that is Burma is leavened by the devotion of the Buddhist monks, nuns and laity – this movie trailer and a full version of the documentary are a must see item.

Buddhism Buddha Burma Myanmar documentary Theravada monk monks   


Malaysian Buddhist Horror Movie - Mantra Buddha Buddhist horror

Our Buddhist movie search finds a new genre – horror and a new country – Malaysia – come and have a look. I looked away when they carved.

Movie killing meditation Malaysia Malay

Large Buddhist Palace at Linshan, China

China seems determined to make the biggest and best of everything especially when it comes to Buddha statues, Buddha gardens and Buddha palaces. What would (not wood !) the Buddha make of all of this?

Buddha Buddhist Great Linshan Brahma Palace Wuxi China largeawesome   
The Largest Statue of the Buddha in the World ! Leshan China

The title says it all if its extremely large Buddha statues you’re after you’ve come to the right place – and this one aint laughing or carved from wood !

Buddha Buddhism statue statues China Wuxi largest biggest world

Classic US CIA 1950's documentary Buddhism - The Man who woke up

The CIA wanted to keep its spies informed and did it through these very interesting and informative documentaries about the Buddha and Buddhism. No laughing at the back.

Buddha Buddhism CIA USA documentary National Security Council NSC war peace politics government

The Buddha's Face blog - Read, Join and Share

The best populist Buddhist blog on the web – laughing, crying, inspiring, amazing and just plain stupefying. Carved out of wood in a digital sort of way. Come and join us!

Buddha Buddhism blog join share best Dalai Lama messages
The Laughing Buddha - stop frame digital painting Buddha

Watch this digitally (not wood!) carved laughing Buddha statue being painted in digital perfection.

Buddhism fat laughing painting paint animation stop frame digital

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