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Buddhism 101 Project

1000's of interesting facts about Buddha and Buddhism

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Buddhism 101 Project - The Ultimate Buddhist Resource

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Buddhism 101 - the Ultimate list

To coincide with the relaunch of our new website,we at thought it would be fun,useful and hopefully inspiring to compile a ‘101’ list of useful facts about Buddhism and some of the meanings and symbolism behind the Buddha images, statues and artefacts that we have for sale on our website.

When we started we thought that 101 "things about Buddhism" was a whole heap of research but we soon found that we quickly surpassed 101 items so thought about heading for 1001 !

But as we started with that intention we've decided to keep the title 'Buddhism 101'. It's been quite a journey of discovery and enlightenment and we have learnt much on our path though there is much more to learn and unlearn. 

"There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting." 

The Buddha

Top 10 Lists

We’ve also constructed and collated what we think are the finest and most comprehensive top 10 lists about Buddhism ever on the web and to finish off we have assembled information about the world’s biggest, tallest and highest Buddhist statues and monuments – a sort of Buddhist Guinness Book of World Records !

We hope you will find the following information useful and enlightening - please feel free to link to this page from your website and feedback any comments you may have.

A very big thank you from Den and Ian

The team that brings you The Buddha’s Face

"What we think, we become."

The Buddha

Buddhism 101 Contents

The Life of the Buddha

Buddhism Fast Facts

What does Buddha mean?
The Present Buddha
The Four Passing Sights
The Renunciation
The Search for Enlightenment Begins
The Buddha’s Enlightenment
The Buddha becomes a Teacher
The Buddha’s Last Words

Different Types of Buddhism and Buddhist Practice

Questions about Buddhism 

What is Theravada Buddhism ?
Do Buddhists worship statues ?
How can someone become a Buddhist?

What is the Trancendence of Suffering?
What do Buddhist think of themselves?
What is the Middle Way?
Unhelpful Questions

The Sun is Always Out
Two Sides of the same Coin

More Questions about Buddhism

Where do Buddhist Stand on Issues ?
What is Samsara ?
What is Nirvana ?
What did the Buddha beleive about Past and Future Lives ?

How like the Buddha can you show Love for All Beings ?

Even more Questions About Buddhism !

Introduction to Buddhism Video

What is Karma ?

The iconography of Buddhism – history, symbolism, artefects, statues and images

The First Buddhas
Buddhist Art
Buddhist Art in Thailand
Brief History of Symbolism in Buddhism
Attributes of the Buddha in Thailand and Laos
The Buddha’s Feet
The Buddha's Eyes
The Buddha’s Ears
Buddha Hand gestures in Thailand and Laos
Posture and dress of the Buddha in Thailand and Laos
The Buddha's Begging Bowl
The Deer
The 3 Precious Jewels
The Swastika
The Buddhist Flag
The Five Qualities of Enjoyment
The Eight Lucky Articles or Eight Bringers of Good Fortune
The Eight Offerings

The Laughing Buddha

The Story of the Laughing Buddha
Laughing Buddha Wooden Statues
The Laughing Buddha in Chinese Temples
Zen and the Laughing Buddha

Designing a Buddhist or Oriental Garden

Buddha Garden Statues and Buddhist Garden Design

Buddhas in Gardens

Buddhist gardens
Pure Land Buddhism and garden design
Zen Buddhism and garden design

Ten of the World’s Most Beautiful Buddhist Gardens

Totekiko Temple Gardens , Kyoto Japan
Imperial War Museum Peace Garden , London UK
The Mahabodhi Temple Garden, India

Ryōan-ji Temple Gardens - Kyoto Japan
Sigiriya Temple Gardens ,Sri Lanka
The Lumbini Garden, India
Kagyu Samyé Ling Monastery Garden, Scotland
Secret Buddha Garden, Ko Samui , Thailand
The Peace Pagoda Gardens, Milton Keynes, UK
Wenshu Monastery Gardens, Chengdu, China

Interesting and Fascinating Buddhist Temples and Places

The Ancient Thai City of Sukhothai
First Buddhist Temple in the UK
The Thai Buddhist temple made from one million beer bottles
The Ancient City – Muang Boran, Bangkok
The Amazing Buddha Gardens of Bunleua Sulilat, Thailand

Some Famous Buddhists

The World’s Largest, Longest and Highest Buddhist Statues, Temples and Structures

The largest carved stone Buddha Statue in the world
The Largest Reclining Buddha Statue in the World
The Largest Buddhist Chedi (Pagoda) in the World
The largest Buddhist Monument in the World
The Largest Buddhist Temple in the World
The Largest Wooden Buddhist Temple in the World
The Tallest Standing Buddha Statue in the World
The Largest Jade Buddha Statue in the World
The Largest Solid Gold Buddha Statue in the World
The Highest Buddhist Monastery in the World

Top 10 Lists of Top 10 Lists About Buddhism

Top 10 of the World’s Most Amazing Buddha Statues
The Ten Cardinal Precepts for Buddhist Monks
Top 10 Quotes from the Buddha
Top 10 Zen Buddhist Quotes
The Top 10 Bangkok Buddhist Temples
Top 10 misperceptions about Buddhism
Top 10 Famous Buddhists
Top 10 Buddhist Countries by Population
Top 10 Reasons for Being a Buddhist
Top 10 Buddhist Caves in the World

Videos about the Buddha 

Videos from our You Tube Channel

Buddhism in the Movies

1. The Lion King - The Circle of Life
2. Kundun - Theatrical Trailer
3. Little Buddha - The Awakening
4. Life of the Buddha - Music Video
5. The Life of the Buddha - BBC Documentary
6. Why has the Bhodi-Dharma Left for the East ?
7. Spring Summer Fall Winter and Spring
8. Enlightenment Guaranteed
9 . Hi Dharma
10. Beautiful Inspiring Meditation Music & Buddha Sukhothai
Candles in Buddhism

Candles in Buddhism
Thailand Buddhist Candle Festival
Candle Festival Celebrations
Candle Meditation
Where is the World’s Biggest Candle ?

Incense in Buddhism 

the fragrance of pure moral conduct

The Burning of Incense
Buddhist Incense in Japanese Culture
Incense Quotes

Stone Buddha Statues

The stone Buddhas of Usuki City , Japan
Stone Buddhist Statues in China - a Long Series of Stone Buddhas
Stone Buddhas in Korea
The Stone Buddhas of Bamyan, Afghanistan
Arresting the Stone Buddha – a Zen parable

Fat Buddhas

 The Story and Symbolism behind the Fat Buddha

Fat Buddha Statues
Theories behind the Fat Buddha
Fat Buddha Restaurant Controversy

Yoga and Buddhism 

Buddhist Yoga
History of Buddhist Yoga
The Buddha and Yoga
Buddhism, Meditation and Yoga
Buddhism and Yoga: Where the Paths Cross
Yoga Channels and Chakras
Buddhist Yoga Exercises
18 Buddha Hands Yoga
Yoga Quotes

Buddhism and the New Age

Buddhism and the New Age
What is the New Age?
11 Commonalities between New Age and Buddhism

Quotes from the Buddha

No More Tacky Buddhas Please !

Parables of the Buddha and the Path to Enlightenment

The Parable of the Burning House 
The Parable of the Father and his Prodigal Son 

The History,Meaning and Symbolism of Thai Buddhist Culture,Statues and Artefacts 

Tibetan Buddhist Culture,Practice and History

Buddhist Culture and Other Religions including Hindu Gods and Deities

Thai massage and Buddhism
More about Thai massage therapies

Buddhist Links

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