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Designing a Buddhist or Oriental Garden

Designing a Buddhist or Oriental Garden 

The Fundamentals of Buddhist Garden Design 

A tropical garden with Buddha stone statue

The gardens and grounds of Buddhist temples have since their inception had Buddha statues and Buddha images within their confines and the concept of a Buddha garden and gardening is one that began with the very first Buddhist temple. In this short article for the Buddha’s Face Buddhism 101 project on Buddha gardens we consider some of the Buddhist principles and directions to make your garden a place for true Buddha mindfulness.

A garden can be grand mentor to our lives and provide inner contentment and a stilled mind. By growing and making a garden it teaches us patience and sense of mindfulness.The act of gardening also teaches us about the values of hard work and careful husbandry. Above all the garden teaches us about entire trust.The journey we make in our garden can be one which takes us on the road to enlightenment. Paradise is here and now and on earth and in our garden we can find it. What we think we become.

Designing an Oriental Garden with a Buddhist Theme

The image of the Buddha is one of contemplative meditation and reflects the compassion and wisdom of the Buddha's teachings. It was in the forest under the Bodhi tree where the Buddha reached enlightenment so it is only natural that in garden design the use of a Buddha statue, wall plaque or other Buddhist image can enhance the garden’s appearance and provide a key focal point to the garden. One of my favourite quotes from the Buddha and appropriate for a Buddha garden is “If you can see the miracle of a single flower clearly then your whole life will change”. Where better to contemplate this than within a beautifully designed Buddhist garden.

Buddha Wall Art from the Buddha's Face in a customers garden , Clapham London 

When designing a garden which uses Buddhist images it is important that Buddhist values of tranquillity permeate the garden design and concept and that the garden has a harmonious approach to its planting, design and core values.

Garden with love and compassion and from your heart and your garden will reflect this and inspire all those who share it with you.

Stone Garden Buddha Statue weathered with moss 


“The greatest gift of the garden is the restoration of the five senses.”

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“When you realize how perfect everything is you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky” Buddha