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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I mount my wall art ?

What wood is my Buddha wall art or statue made from ?

Can I put my Buddha wall art or statue in the garden or patio ?

How do I clean my wall art ?

Do I have to buy online to pay for my items ?

Will my wall art be exactly as the one in the picture ?

What is your returns policy ?

What do I do if my purchase arrives damaged ?


How do I mount my wall art?

Each Buddha Face comes with mounting rings and screws.

The 90cm x 60cm has 2 battens at the rear and cannot be removed. 2 mounting rings are supplied and we recommend you attach the rings to the batten evenly spaced.

The 1m x 1m is in 3 separate panels. These can be hung together or with a gap - You can see your preference by standing it against a wall. 3 mounting rings are attached. 

You will need rawl plugs and screws to mount it onto your wall.

We recommend at least size 12 screws for the wall fixing.Insert the rawl plug into the wall and leave the head of the screw protruding enough to hang your art. This is only a suggested method alternative fixings are available at DIY outlets.

What wood is my Buddha wall art or statue made from ?

Our Buddha Face wood carvings and statues are made from Rain tree hardwood (Pithecellobium Saman) (unless stated otherwise). It is a fast growing tree common in most tropical areas and resembles Mahogany with its red/brown and cream coloured grain. The structure of this grain enhances its capability not to crack in dryer climates and it has high weather resistant properties

Another common name for the Rain Tree is Monkey pod relating to the fact that it has large edible seeds.

It is not necessary to treat the Buddha wall art or Buddha statues any further and they will look as good as new for many years to come.

Like all wooden products, they are prone to extreme heat and cold, please do not put your art near anywhere that will have intense heat, i.e. very near an open fire or radiator, this can cause the wood to expand or contract and we will not be responsible for any damage caused by this.

Can I put my Buddha wall art or statue in the garden or patio ?

 If used outdoors their condition will weather over time as they have not been treated to protect against the outdoor elements. However, untreated Rain tree wood will last for many years in the open (See What is my wall hanging made from above).

You can apply a clear varnish available from any DIY store to protect from the outside elements, this will keep your Buddha Art and Statues in perfect condition.

How do I clean my wall art?

With a damp cloth or duster.

Do not use any chemical or furniture polish to clean this product.

Will my wall art be exactly as the one in the picture?

Our wall art is what we like to call a ‘real’ product, they are all hand made by our  craftsman and not mass produced in a factory, therefore, dimensions and finish will vary to a very small degree.


Buying on line is the easiest method to purchase our products. You do not need aPayPal account to purchase online, when directed to paypal simply click the credit /debit card box and it will allowe you to enter your  payment details.

What is your returns policy?

We want you to have confidence when you buy from us and part of our quality service is our returns policy. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase for any reason return it to us in its original condition and packaging within 14 days and you can exchange for another item or have a full refund (minus delivery costs).

What do I do if my purchase arrives damaged?

We make every effort to ensure that goods arrive with you in good condition. Should an item(s) arrives damaged please notify us by telephone or email immediately. We will endeavour to replace your item(s) promptly subject to availability.