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Thai Buddhism ,Buddhas and Buddhist Artefacts

Thai Buddhism , Buddhas and Buddhist Artefacts 

Buddhism in Thailand is mainly of the Theravada variety.  Approximately 95% of Thailand's people are Theravdan Buddhists, though the Buddhist religion has incorporated into its practice a lot of animistic beliefs alongside Chinese beliefs from the large Thai-Chinese population. The distinctive Thai Buddhist temples are notable for having golden stupas, and the Buddhist architecture of Thailand is like  that of other Southeast Asian countries in particular that of  Cambodia and Laos, countries and cultures with which Thailand shares a common cultural and historical past.

We have documented a few of the distinctive statues, artefacts and objects to be found inside Thai Buddhist temples. 

Thai Buddha Amulets
The history,meaning and culture behind Thai Buddhist Amulets 
More About Thai Buddhist and Buddha Amulets
Some interesting  background on Thai Buddha amulets 
Thai Amulet Craze - Jatukam Ramathep
The pyramid amulet craze in Nakhon Si Thammarat
Thai Buddhist Monks Alms Bowls
The begging bowls of the Thai Buddhist monks - their history and meaning 
Thai Buddhist Monks Ceremonial Fans
The large ceremonial fans used by Thai Buddhist monks 
Thai Votive Tablets
Thai 'clay' Buddha tablets ,their history,symbolism and meaning
Thai Buddhist Monk's Chairs
These large chairs are increasingly popular in the west - what is their history ?
The Symbolism and Meaning of the Buddha's Hands
Buddha hands are common as western decorations - what do the different forms mean ?
Thai Buddhist Monastery Bells
No visit to a Thai Buddhist monastery wouldn't be complete without 'gonging' the bells - their history and meaning.
The History and Symbolism of Thai Buddhist Images and Statues
The Buddha's Face sells some of the finest wooden carved Buddhas anywhere on the web - te distinctive Buddha style has evolved over centuries. Here we explain the history of Thai Buddha images , their symbolism and meaning .
Thai Buddhist Monk's Donation Buckets
These orange buckets are on sale near to Buddhist temples in Thailand - we explain what they are and how they have been incorporated into Thai Buddhism 
Making Giant Buddha Statues in Thailand's  Largest Buddha Statue Factory 
A short article about the making of Buddha statues at the Buddha statue factory just outside Nonthburi,Thailand

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