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Videos from our You Tube Channel

At the Buddha's Face we love our Buddhas so much that we try and share our enthusiasm through our dedicated You Tube channel. Here we post original and inspiring videos about the Buddha's Face - please take a look - a lot of our new content is also in stunning HD - so please relax and draw up a chair. If you like our productions then please subscribe to our channel to receive the latest updates about new videos.

We are immensely  proud of our You Tube Channel content and support that our videos are now receiving.With  over 200 hits a day and the Channel having in total just surpassed the 13,000 views we are humbled by the support of our viewers.Thanks for all your attention - but the best is yet to come.

To complement our main channel and to celebrate the arrival of our latest and largest shipment of Buddha images,wall art and statues we have opened a second You Tube channel - Statues of the Buddha.

Be inspired

"An idea that is developed and put into action is more important than an idea that exists only as an idea" The Buddha

The Making of Buddha Statues - Cafe del Mar - Willow 

Time Lapse Paintings of the Buddha 

White Buddha Statues - Some of the World's Most Beautiful Buddhas 

The Buddha and Einstein - Two Wise Men - Coldplay The Scientist 

The Wisdom of the Buddha - Coldplay - Quotes from the Buddha 

Thai UK Children's Fund - Charity Night - MTV Studios,London 

Top 10 Buddhist Gardens in the World 

Laughing Buddha Statues - Only When I Laugh - Cat Stevens 

Candles in Buddhism 

Use of Incense in Buddhism 

Tiesto - I Can't LIve a Day Without You - Avalon - Buddha Statues 

The Most Beautiful Yoga Meditation- Chillout Video - Blank and Jones 

The Life of the Buddha - Abstract Meditation 

The Ambient Buddha - Relaxation and Contemplation of the Buddha 

New Age Meditation 

Our Tribute to the Buddha's Face and Yoga 

Yogic Moments 

A Single Flower - War is Hell - The Little Buddha Trance Music Video 

The Awakening - Mash Up of The Little Buddha 

The Message of the Dalai Lama 

Meditative Zen - Fly By Ludovicio Einaudi 

The World's Top 10 Most Famous Buddhists !

Visions of Sukhothai,Thailand

Music by Jay Stapley

Eternal Wisdom of the Buddha
Music Elegy Lisa Gerrard - Inspiring Quotes

The Most Beautiful and Inspiring Faces of the Buddha
Music Elegy by Lisa Gerrard

The Most Beautiful Inspiring Faces of the Buddha
with Quotes from the Buddha

The Most Beautiful Inspiring Faces of the Buddha HD 720p
Music by Cosmic Baby - The Universal Mind

The Buddha's Face presents - No More Tacky Buddhas
Music - Mouldy Old Dough Lieutenant Pigeon

Quotes from the Buddha - in 90 seconds !

Our 2009 Online Video Catalogue 


Ten Reasons to Buy From the Buddha's Face 

Doi Suthep Thai Temple - Chiang Mai,Thailand 

The  best place to buy wholesale and retail Buddha statues,sculptures and wall panel decor for both the home and garden
Bespoke design available,  from small buddha statues to large buddha wall art in colours from natural wood to gold ,all carved by our Buddhist artists and 100% fairtrade.
The Best for Buddhas Bar None  !